Rainbow DORTMUND Januar 1983 XL 1546/8





plus two more labels showing the same design as above: 1547 and 1548 A







(Completely incorrect) Claim from the back cover. Points for keeping up the German spelling of the month – that doesn’t make it any more true though. The real final date of this tour happened on December 1st 1982 at Pabellon De Deportes in Madrid,  Spain. Although the band performed 11 concerts in Germany that November, none of them were in Dortmund. The correct date is likely – as usual – from one of the Japan shows – in this case, likely the final one at the Budokan from 22 October ’82.
12.10.1982 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
13.10.1982 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
14.10.1982 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
16.10.1982 Kaikan Daiichi Hall Kyoto Japan
17.10.1982 Sun Palace Fukouka Japan
18.10.1982 Shikokaido Hall Nagoya Japan
19.10.1982 Shikokaido Hall Nagoya Japan
21.10.1982 Budokan Tokyo Japan
22.10.1982 Budokan Tokyo Japan
29.10.1982 Drammenshallen Drammen Oslo Norway
30.10.1982 Vejlby Risskov Hallen Aarhus Denmark
02.11.1982 Jäähalli Icehall Oulu Finland
03.11.1982 Icehall Helsinki Finland
05.11.1982 Brondby Hallen Copenhagen Denmark
06.11.1982 Isstadion Stockholm Sweden
08.11.1982 Ernst Merck Halle Hamburg Germany
09.11.1982 Deutschland Halle Berlin Germany
11.11.1982 Gruga Halle Essen Germany
12.11.1982 Neckar Halle Heidelberg Germany
13.11.1982 Hemmerlein Halle Nuremberg Germany
15.11.1982 Walter Kobel Halle Russelsheim Germany
16.11.1982 Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands
18.11.1982 Stadthalle Freiburg Germany
19.11.1982 Rudi Sedlmayer Halle Munich Germany
21.11.1982 Patinoire Des Vernets Geneva Switzerland
24.11.1982 Sporthalle Boblingen Germany
25.11.1982 Eilenriederhalle Hanover Germany
26.11.1982 Alsterdorfer Sporthalle Hamburg Germany
27.11.1982 Forest National Brussels Belgium
28.11.1982 Hippodrome Paris France
30.11.1982 Plaza Toros Monumental Barcelona Spain
01.12.1982 Pabellon De Deportes Madrid Spain


    Matrix SIDE A: V (B) XL-1546A 111 + I
    Matrix SIDE B: XL-1546B 111 +
    Matrix SIDE C: V (B) XL-1547A 111 + I
    Matrix SIDE D: XL-1547B 111 +
    Matrix SIDE E: V (B) XL-1548A 111 + I
    Matrix SIDE F: XL-1548B 111 +

Quality rating: ‘Exm’




A European bootleg from the first night at Budokan exists as well:




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