Beatles Bootleg Attracts $5,000 Bid

You almost wish to rub your eyes but on July 19, this copy of Melvin Records MM 04 got 19 bids with the high bidder committing to an incredible $4,950.00 – I wonder if this amount actually changed hands in this case.




Link to the actual auction:

  1. YesDays said:

    Glad to see the blog has returned. I hope all is well with you. Wow, what a payday on such a crappy release. Can’t imagine who would pay more than a few dollars for this, or why.

    • Thank you, YesDays – doing OK here and I hope you are fine. … Well, 19 bids! So, I’m inclined to think this really did happen – but am still scratching my head, asking myself what I missed (owned a few Melvin’s back in the day but not this one). Probably, a good thing – who wouldn’t have kicked themselves for selling it X years ago for 40 bucks or so?

  2. JJ said:

    Mr.Yes Days, do you know anything else about Melvin records ?

  3. Yesdays said:

    Hello JJ. No “Mr.” necessary, just yesdays. The internet web link above is the most insightful information I know of about Melvin Records (names, dates, pictures, etc). You can also see the beatlesgain website for a little more info on Melvin. There may be other resources that I’m not aware of, and you could also try reaching out to Eddie Fennell. I didn’t personally know or meet any of the individuals involved. Thanks

    • JJ said:

      Thank you very much for your reply, Yesdays.
      I collect Beatles’ bootlegs and Melvin is my favorite label. I was deeply shocked to know one of the Melvin persons was dead.
      Thanks again.

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