1. Doinker said:

    Hi! Are you just taking time off, or are you through?

    • Thank you for asking, Doinker. I still hope to continue; it’s just really hard work-wise at the moment.

  2. Erik T said:

    I was curious as well. Thanks for asking/ answering…

  3. Yesdays said:

    I miss the posts. Hope things get better for you, and that you’re doing OK.

  4. Steve Evans said:

    Looking forward to your return _ miss the posts a lot

  5. Andrew said:

    As do I. Hope all is well!

  6. Doinker said:

    There’s a Russian label called B13. They have a pile of unofficial releases on colored vinyl. Right now trying to determine if they are all pirates of released stuff or if they have some originals of their own. There’s also another label called Let Them Eat Vinyl. I’m not sure at all about them.

  7. Let Them Eat Vinyl is not a bootleg label. Their limited colored pressings were sold through What Records in the U.K. I guess they are grey area releases.

  8. Erik T said:

    I was wondering about that UK Let them Eat Vinyl label too… They released a box set of a Springsteen show from 1975 which can’t be that legal, it seems more illegal than not, and I am curious about that label. They also repressed old Dylan boot vinyl titles. Anyone hear their Bruce release and comment on the sound, etc? It is a nice looking triple lp box, and I don’t think this set had been previously available as a triple, so I assume they mastered it themselves, curious as to how good a job they did…

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