ROXY MUSIC ‘Chance Meeting’ XL 1525-7

Roxy Music Chance meeting

Roxy Music Chance meeting b

Roxy Music Chance meeting discs

Japan: 1983 – Here’s something unusual: A triple set for playback at 45 rpm, certainly the way to go to raise the audiophile bar but not exactly cheap as another disc had to be included.

XL 1525 A: India / The main thing / Out of the blue / Both ends burning
XL 1525 B: Take a chance with me / Song for Europe / Can’t let go
XL 1526 A: While my heart is still beating / Impossible guitar / Tara
XL 1526 B: Avalon / My only love
XL 1527 A: Dance away / Love is the drug / Like a hurricane
XL 1527 B: Editions of you / Do the Strand / Jealous guy

Source: Audience recording taped at Wembley Arena, London, 22 September, 1983

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Ëxs”


Later copied onto CD from this vinyl source, using the same front cover art work:

Roxy Music CM cd

  1. Doinker said:

    I just scored a copy of this triple set. A really nice audience recording of a fantastic performance.

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