Rainbow Stone Cold

Cover image is a straight copy (front and back) of the official Stone Cold / Rock Fever 45/33

Rainbow Stone Cold III.jpg

Rainbow Stone Cold b

Rainbow Stone Cold det

Japan: 1983

XL 1517 A: The Land of Hope And Glory / Over the Rainbow / Spotlight Kid / Miss Mistreated
XL 1517 B: I Surrender / Can’t Happen Here / Tearin’ Out My Heart
XL 1518 A: Lazy / Woman from Tokyo / All Night Long / Stone Cold / Power
XL 1518 B: Blues / Difficult to Cure part 1 / David Rosenthal / Difficult to Cure part 2
XL 1519 A: Blackmore & Rondinelli / Bob Rondinelli part 1 / Bob Rondinelli part 2 / Long Live Rock’n Roll part 1
XL 1519 B: Hey Joe / Long Live Rock’n Roll pt 2 / Maybe Next Time / Smoke on the Water / Over the Rainbow

Source: (IF the back cover can be trusted this time) Madison Square Garden, NY, 19 June 1982 on the Straight Between The Eyes US Tour


There is another later, also Japanese single LP bootleg with the same title on Phonedoll Records containing seven tracks recorded in Harriesburg, PA on 21 June 1981:

Rainbow Stone Cold Phdo


Rainbow progr MSG 82

Rainbow MSG 1982

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