Meanwhile, a David Bowie bootleg sells for $1,700

Bowie Neon PFr

Bowie Neon PFr stamp

The famous and elusive neon permafrost, Oslo 5 June 1978 – Scandinavian bootleg, originally released in 1979

The seller happened to be at the right place at the right time:

I used to go to record fairs all the time in the late seventies and eighties and pretty much bought all releases of this ilk from Stardust from the Seventies to Modern Feeling. I knew most of the dealers, in the South East back then, one of whom was particularly good at helping me out source titles. He had a stall, at a London fair, when a Scandinavian came in and wanted a heavy trade for two copies of Neon Permafrost….four double LP’s for the pair i.e 2 for 1. Normally it was 1.5 to 1 for Swedish titles such as caught in the act, one magical moment, etc. Fortunately he did the deal and I got one of those two copies. It could have been that in subsequent weeks there was a deluge of them and I would of felt I overpaid. However, I never got a sniff of another copy, even a Swedish dealer I frequently purchased from had not seen one but had merely heard of it.


The number that’s missing from the copy above:

Bowie neon perm #

Bowie neon permafrost coll

And here shown with the two single LP re-issues that contained the first part of the show only.

  1. yesdays said:

    Along the lines of super rare (Japanese), I see a copy of Pink Floyd (KP339-KP344), also known as Osaka/Tokyo Triple and PINK FLOYD JAPAN 70-71′, ‘LIVE IN TOKYO/OSAKA 1972 is currently on ebay (28 March 2016), presently at about $2,000 US dollars with 4 bidding days to go.

  2. It’s funny how bootlegs are being sold on eBay when there are so many sites where you can stream it in a download for nothing really but for the actual copies, yeah I get it but like the guy above, right place, right time. And the Pink Floyd one that states it’s from Japan 70-71 would be a wrong listing according to the label because they didn’t tour Japan until August 1971 for the first time and the Osaka ’72 show would be the spring March tour they did. There is currently a huge box set out on Godfather records of that entire week of shows well worth sourcing out. They really cleaned up the sound etc. I have the 3-13-72 show from Sapporo and it’s fantastic!

    • John said:

      don’t know if you really understand the magic of bootlegging and collecting.
      Please don’t bother the frequent readers and followers of this site with your downloading and streaming shit comments.
      If there’s one thing, only one little thing what doens’t belong suche crap!
      Sorry to say so.progbewhatshowever…!!

      • Well John…. I’ve been trading bootlegs for over 25 years and the days of trading actual cd/cassette/vinyl copies are somewhat the way of the Dodo now and still in small circles to which I gladly participate in and in regards to streaming and downloading I will have you know gobshite that I only deal with share sites and trade freely with others who are also sharing shows. I am no hoarder by any means and before you jump down my throat you could ask about such things before you assume. I have bootlegged many a show and traded freely and for that matter I have bought more than my fair share of boots way back in the day probably before you knew what was going on in the world.

        • John said:

          progbearw/spinal. sorry, my excuses…but on several chats/forums im visiting, …’new ‘ çomers’ on that particulair band’s sites, always make the fool out of people who are discussing about the real bootlegs, making the fool out of them. Why paying , for something wat you can get for free. On the other hand assaulting me of something , reprimand me for the writing.
          But shouldn’t you blame yourself with your opinion about me?
          Better ask Spinal, maybe he can tell you that i was a former vinyl bootlegger, and one of the very first cd bootleggers ever…
          good luck with your blablabla.

  3. Andrew said:

    I had never even heard of this Bowie title and I’m a pretty big fan. I don’t think it’s in Hot Wacks, is it? I’ve often wondered how high I would go if any of the remaining titles I’m looking for showed up on ebay: Alice Cooper-Killer Tour (apparently only ten copies got out?) and Live In Toronto ’73 and F%^k the Fashion (both Cooper as well), though I’ve come to the conclusion these last two don’t actually exist ie. slated for release, listed in H.W. but never ended up being pressed. I’d be happy to be proven wrong!

    • No, like a number of bootlegs, this one never made it into HW. Those two Alice Cooper titles have never turned up and might have been planned & never produced or a misunderstanding.

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