DURAN DURAN ‘decadent durantics’ (no label) – Japanese N. L. bootlegs of the early 1980’s – 9


Duran Duran DecDics

Duran Duran DecDics b

Duran Duran IBeam 81

First U.S. tour 1981, San Francisco appearance poster

Japan 1982? White labels and no manufacturer stated. – The band toured Japan for the first time in late April of the same year.

Duran Duran J Tour 82

One of the first Duran Duran bootlegs and probably the most interesting of the early ones, as it apparently contains the earliest complete live recording of their career and features a couple of rarely captured live versions.

Source: As correctly listed on the cover, audience recording from the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 9 July, 1981 on their Faster Than Light tour.

Side 1: Tel Aviv (intro) / I Got My Own Way / Girls On Film / Late Bar / To The Shore     
Side 2: Faster Than Light / Khanada / Night Boat / Planet Earth     
Side 3: Is Anyone Out There / Angel / Friends Of Mine / Sound Of Thunder / Careless Memories     
Side 4: Tell Me It’s Just  A Rumor Baby (listed as “Just Got A Groove On”)* / Planet Earth (Night Version) / Girls On Film (Night Version)

*originally by the Isley Brothers

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Exs”



Duran Duran July 9 81 ad

Duran Duran July 9 81 stub


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