motörhead + girl school (no label) – Japanese N. L. bootlegs of the early 1980’s – 7 plus: The 1st Motörhead bootleg

M'head -Girlsch St Val DM

M'head -Girlsch St Val DM b

Japan: 1982

Side A: Vanish the fire / Race with the devil / Demolition boys/ Emergency [Girlschool]
Side B: Overkill (listed as ‘Don’t swear it’) / Too late,too late / Shoot you in the back/ Step down / Jailbait [Motörhead]
Side C: Leaving here / Metropolis (listed as ‘the drug police’) / Train kept a rollin’ / Bomber / Motörhead
Side D: Please Don´t Touch / Emergency / Bomber / Ace Of Spades / Dirty Love [pirated tracks, studio versions]

Source (for the live tracks): The broadcast part of Girlschool’s opening set and Motörhead’s set at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal on 20 August 1980) taken from a TV program called Rockstage (see the N.M.E. clipping below).

Side D presents all the tracks from the following official 7 inch releases (ripping off the artwork in the process as well:

Motörhead St Val DMMotörhead St Val DM bSide D: Tracks 1 – 3; “The record was released on 14 February 1981, as St. Valentine’s Day Massacre EP and reaching No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart, it became the biggest hit either band ever had in the charts.”


Jo Kidd PDTThe 1959 original, somewhat tamer sounding.


Motörhead AoS DL

Side D: Tracks 4 + 5; released October 1980 … “Who are these Mexicans and how can they play so fast?”

As this material was also released in Japan in 1981 on the Motorschool 12″ EP, the producers of this bootleg (likely the same as those responsible for the UD titles) must have been really desperate to fill that fourth side.

The Motörhead part of the Rockstage broadcast was released officially for the first time on their 1992 Live Jailbait album. This relegates The Swinging Pig’s No Sleep Till Rockstage (TSP 500-43/1) to pirate status. Finally, the video was included on their 2009 Anthology DVD.



NME RockstageClipping from NME, 28 June 1980 edition


The first Motörhead bootleg was probably 1980’s very good sounding Fuck Off EP:


Motörhead e.f.ox EPMotörhead e.f.ox EP b

Motörhead e.f.ox EP lbl 1Motörhead e.f.ox EP lbl

Matrix (hand-etched): 107 A/B

Some copies are numbered and stamped

Motörhead e.f.ox EP #

and came with a (poor quality) T-shirt.

Motörhead e.f.ox EP Tee

Recording date may have been the 16th of May.

Sometimes it is said that the first 150 copies came with a free shirt (black with “surprise” print) and were individually numbered and stamped but as you can see on the pictures there are copies numbered higher than that. As the shirts had a bad quality (the print was hardly visible after it had been washed several times), it was repressed in the 80s in a small quantity (white shirt, black print).”

Released on the UK (?) e.f.ox556(7) label (referred to as Wolf production on but that was a (fake0 name used for the Motörhead release only) – the same people who produced the Joe Jackson EP box set with the Lausanne, Switzerland 1979 performance – THE WAVELENGTH’s (sic) WANDERING:

Jackson J TWW lbl




Motörhead were big among my hi-school classmates in the very early 80’s. References to their song and album titles peppered the conversations. I do remember a rumor that they were the loudest band at the time and concert goers tried to keep a distance to the PA. No Sleep Till Hammersmith was extremely popular to say the least. To be honest, I was never a big fan of the music, that “swarm of amplified angry bees sound” sound but since watching the Lemmy documentary and his funeral on YT, I am definitely in awe of Lemmy Kilmister, the genuine human being and well mannered gentleman, who lived his life on his own terms. Cheers, Lemmy!

  1. Love Motorhead and yes they did make it in to the Guinness book of records as the loudest, sorry, LOUDEST band on the planet at one time in the early 80’s and apparently some guy couldn’t hear his television in the next town over was the folklore and to some extent true. Having seen Motorhead live every time since 2000 I have permanently damaged my own hearing and that’s with wearing earplugs at every show and not being at the front so…… I’ve seen noise monitors at their shows and they’ve clipped the volume that a jumbo jet engine at full throttle has. Great bootlegs came out during this time but a lot of them did play too fast and having to correct speeds was spent many a nights in front of the tape machine and then computer! Awesome to see this one! Cheers!

    • Thank you for your comment – the hearing loss part is scary though.

      • Yeah I thought it was due to other things but it’s partially because of them lol

  2. Erik T said:

    Coulda been worse… When I was younger and dumber I loved punk, hardcore, thrash, other styles too, but most of the shows I went to for a couple of years were unnecessarily fu&!ing loud and I am sure the single most damaging concert was a band that I didn’t even particularly like, Nuclear Assault, and I think they were probably filling theatres at the time they brought their amplifiers to an empty club in Montreal one night in the late 80s… So if I was going to lose a chunk of hearing at one particularly show, I can think of better ones!
    Reading this and the new Deep Purple blog entries, I recall The Who were also the loudest band ever for a year at least, following their Charleton 74 show if my mem’ry serves me well… Saw the Who/ ‘Oo/ Two. a couple of weeks ago, doing alright for old guys but I was hoping for a little more especially after Quadrophenia live amazed me only a couple of short years ago, and apparently they were gonna do a couple more songs, it was Rogers’s birthday and the first night of this year’s tour… Anyhow I should have gotten out to see Motörhead, but they were usually passing through playing with people that didn’t interest me…

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