Judas Priest ‘United'(JP 80) – Japanese N.L. bootlegs of the early 1980’s – 3

Judas Priest United 2

Judas Priest United b

Japan: 1981 or ’82

Staying with the first Donington / Monsters of Rock festival on 16 August 1980, here are 10 of their 11 songs performed that day – the opener ‘Hellbent for Leather’ is missing – sourced from a decent audience recording.

The producers were either not well versed in Judas Priest song titles or there is another reason for all these errors: ‘Sailor’ = ‘Sinner’; ‘Beyond the Rouse’ = ‘Beyond the Realms of Death’; ‘Rockin’the Beast’ = ‘Grinder’; ‘Woman’= Victim of Changes’; ‘Take on the World’= ‘The Green Manalishi (with the two pronged crown)’; ‘Killing Machine’ = ‘Tyrant’).  The last three tracks are all identified correctly: ‘Breaking The Law’ and ‘Living After Midnight’ were taken from the second airing of a radio broadcast recorded at Amsterdam’s Jaap Eden Hall on Valentine’s day 1981 and the last track on side 4 ‘Hot Rockin’ is the studio version.


Priest Donington 80

Photo by Alan Perry


  1. OmniscienT said:

    producers were on purpose leaving different names and misspelling for songs because of copyright and illegal unauthorized item.

    • As has been well established in my blog, they changed recordings made in Japan to other countries and venues. I doubt changing song titles would offer any legal protection when you have produced what is clearly a bootleg and put the name of the band on it. Also, if it came to a court case, what can be actually heard on the record will serve as evidence against you, regardless of which titles you have stated.

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