IRON MAIDEN ‘RUNNING FREE'(no label) – Japanese N.L. bootlegs of the early 1980’s – 5

Iron Maiden Running Free

Iron Maiden Running Free 2

Japan: 1981 would be my best guess. I was not able to find an image of the back cover, so it’s hard to tell if this is another early/’undercover’ UD label title.

Source: audience recording from the London Rainbow, 20 June 1980

Side A : The Ides of March / Sanctuary / Wrathchild / Prowler / Remember Tomorrow
Side B : Killers / Running Free / Another World
Side C : Transylvania / Strange World / Charlotte the Harlot / Phantom of the Opera
Side D : Iron Maiden / Drifter

Reissued at least twice on vinyl in the mid to late 1980’s, for example on the Screaming Oiseau label as a fake-Japan release Revelation Live At The Rainbow with a misleading quote on the back (“Somewhere on tour 86/87) and on Mongkok Records (probably not made in Hongkong):



Irom Maiden RF 45

Cover art simply nicked from the official 45, released in February of 1980.

Iron Maiden Rainbow ad


  1. When i was a kid their album covers I thought were more interesting and cool than their music. Then I played one of their albums…..that moment my opinions changed and their music was that NWOBHM and it blew me away. Been a fan ever since and I have had a few of the boots you are showing here, lost sadly to theft one night but i managed to get them back through trades. Great to see them. Cheers for sharing this!

      • I really dig on your blog, I’m a big collector of the boots so it’s always great to see the old vinyl copies and ones I had or have still ! Your blog has me pulling out my vinyl boots and playing them again more than usual! Cheers!

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