Rainbow ‘END OF A RAINBOW/ROCKIN’ THE CASTLE DONINGTON’ (No Label CP816 + XL 1535/7) – Japanese N.L. bootlegs of the early 1980’s -2



Rainbow End of a Rainbow

Rainbow End of a Rainbow b

Rainbow End of a Rainbow det

Rainbow End of a Rainbow det 2

There is also a European (British copy) which looks identical to the above but has matrix number RB-816-A / B / C / D

Japan: Fall of 1980 (first issue) – another early UD label release, later even reissued on XL

Rainbow End oaR blue border t l

Quality rating: “Vgs” in HOTWACKS

From Darker Than Blue – DP fan club magazine, June 1981:
“As for the vinyl, the foreign collectors items continued to appear in ever greater numbers thanks to the success the bands were having abroad. Rainbow turned up on the Castle Donnington collection, albeit only a part of their set. If you wanted the full gig the Japanese obliged with a double bootleg LP audience recording of the show (with a jet plane ruining the start of one song!). If you weren’t careful, you risked getting stung by a home made UK bootleg which appeared at the same time, and which comprised the 25 minutes of the set aired on UK TV, complete with the sound of the microphone being moved in front of the TV speakers… .”

I can remember seeing a one-sided bootleg in a plain white cover with a small sticker  at a London flea market in ’81. That must be the “home made UK bootleg” mentioned above. Very limited pressing, never made it into HOTWACKS, the matrix is BLACKMORE No. 1.

Rainbow MM cover 1980


In 1983, the follow up label to UD, XL, reissued this title with a colorized cover, more in line with their current cover designs:

Rainbow End of a Rainbow red lbl

These look like XL label designs to me.

Then there was a second run with a changed color scheme:

Rainbow End ofa Rainbow 1st

Rainbow End ofa Rainbow 1st b

Those with keen eyes will have noticed the number on the front, lower right:

Rainbow End ofa Rainbow 1st det

Which we have seen before on this Ozzy XL release (LIVE! Long Beach Arena 1981, XL 1531/2) and the reason why I would file the ‘pink border’ version under XL as well):

Ozzy O Long Beach A XL blu b d




For discussion regarding which tracks were officially released: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/which-rainbow-donnington-tracks-exist-on-cd.220583/


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