Public Image Limited ‘Profile’ (No Label) – Japanese N.L. bootlegs of the early 1980’s – 1

PIL Profile

PIL Profile b

PIL Profile det

Japan: July/August 1980 – for a change, the date can be pinned down with certainty as a review of this bootleg appeared in the 23 August ’80 issue of UK’s Melody Maker. Most likely, this was one of the earliest UD label releases.

Source: Very good audience recording from this concert in 1980:

PIL Olymp Aud '80

In the words of PIL fansite “Arguably the best PiL live bootleg, great quality and a great gig to match“.

Matrix  (Side A): PIL-DOUBLE-1 1G / (Side B): PIL-DOUBLE-2 1G / (Side C): PIL-DOUBLE-3 1G / (Side D): PIL-DOUBLE-4 1G

The first 3 sides run at 33 1/3 RPM and the last one at 45 RPM

Side 1: Fodderstompf / Careering / Annalisa     
Side 2: Attack / Low Life / Chant / Death Disco     
Side 3: Poptones / Religion / Bad Baby / Public Image     
Side 4: Memories/Home Is Where The Heart Is (listed as Profile)

PIL Olympic Marquee


“As far back as 1951, there had been rhythm and blues concerts at the Grand Olympic. In 1969-70, The Grand Olympic Auditorium hosted concerts by hard rock acts such as Mountain, Jack Bruce, and Ten Years After. It would be used more extensively as a musical venue after 1980. This period in music performances began with a concert by the band Public Image Ltd. which was produced by Punk Rock impresario David Ferguson and his independent CD Presents production company. This was the first concert held at the auditorium since the early 1970s and is credited with beginning the Olympic’s reputation for being a notorious Punk Rock venue. Thereafter legendary promoter Gary Tovar and Goldenvoice Productions started booking shows at the venue, concerts by the likes of GBH, The Exploited, T.S.O.L., SIN 34, Suicidal Tendencies, UK Subs, New Regime, Circle Jerks, Angelic Upstarts, The Dickies, Wasted Youth, Dead Kennedys, The Vandals, D.O.A., Love Canal, Bad Religion, FEAR and M.I.A. etc. were happening monthly.

In 1986, the music videos for Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” and “Livin’ On A Prayer” were recorded in the auditorium. The music video for Janet Jackson’s “Control” was recorded here as well in the same year. Survivor’s music video Burning Heart was recorded here in October 1985.” [source: wikipedia]

For more in-depth reading about how it all started see here:

Olympic Aud LA 1

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