Ozzy Ozbourne ‘Live! Long Beach Arena 1981’ UD-6581/2 and XL 1523/4 (b&r cover) XL1531/2 (blue cover)

Ozzy O Long Beach Japan

The UD version above and XL 1523/4 shown below (this is probably more of a red than an orange, similar to the XL version). I believe it’s fair to say that this makes a strong case for both labels being run by the same people. This was the 8th title released by XL and already the 2nd Ozzy one.




Ozzy O Long Beach A XL lbl

Ozzy O Long Beach lbl

XL 1531/2 – the blue reissue:

Ozzy O Long Beach A XL blu

The blue version with mysterious number on the back – although some copies have it on the front cover:

Ozzy O Long Beach A XL blu b d


Japan: 1982 -Randy Rhodes died 19 March 1982 and I believe that these bootlegs were released after that date. Ozzy first toured Japan in July of 1982 during the Diary Of A Madman tour, further explaining the sudden surge in Japanese bootleg product (look for the upcoming ‘Ozzy-heavy’ XL label discography).

Source: Audience recording from Long Beach Arena on 27 June 1981. Ozzy on the second U.S. leg of his very successful first tour as a solo artist, following the release of his first (and future) platinum album Blizzard Of Ozz. Motörhead opened.

6581A: “O Fortuna” (Carl Orff) / I Don’t Know / Crazy Train / Believer     
6581B: Mr Crowley / Flying High Again / Revelation (Mother Earth)     
6582A: Steal Away (The Night) / Tommy Adridge drum solo / Suicide Solution / Randy Rhoads solo
6582B: Iron Man / Children Of The Grave / Paranoid


Fan rating: “I have heard all the shows with Randy Rhoads that were recorded. This is in my top 5.”

Milwaukee, Jan 22, 1982
London, Ontario July 24, 1981
Long Beach, June 27, 1981
Chelmsford, Oct 22, 1980
Providence, RI, Aug 7, 1981


Ozzy LB poster



  1. I purchased my copy about 8 months ago, and still haven’t opened/played it.
    Now you’ve peeked my interest, and I need to see which version of the 3 listed here,
    that I have.

  2. Just checked and mine is identical to the “Blue Version” shown here, except the “Mysterious Number” of #130132,
    is on the bottom right hand corner of the Front cover, and not the back.

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