Genesis ‘Kebab’ Ud-6578/80

Genesis Kebab 2

Genesis KEBAB.b

Genesis KEBAB lbl

Japan: 1982

Genesis first played in Japan at the end of their …and then there were three… tour in November/December of 1978. With prog-rock falling somewhat out of favor there as the 70’s turned into the 80’s, the band only returned one more time after Invisible Touch had catapulted them to massive mainstream stardom in March of 1987.

Source: Audience recording from Wembley Arena, London, 19 December 1981.  Genesis started their abacab Tour at the Plaza de Toros Monumental in Barcelona on September 25th and ended it with seven UK shows late December, spread between Wembley Arena and the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham. I have to admit it took me the longest time to realize that ‘Kebab’ is supposed to be a word play on the official album title.

6578A: Behind the Lines / Duches / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
6578B: Do Do / Abacab / The Carpet Crawlers
6579A: Me And Sarah Jane / Misunderstanding / No Reply At All / Cindy Louise (unreleased)
6579B: Deep In The Motherlode / Man On The Corner / Who Dunnit
6580A: In The Cage / Keep On Turning (unreleased) / Aftergrow / Turn It On Again
6580B: Dance On A Volcano / Los Endos

translating into:

01 Behind The Lines  05:14
02 Duchess     06:04
03 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway    05:08
04 Dodo / Lurker  08:17
05 Abacab  08:38
06 The Carpet Crawlers  06:18
07 Me And Sarah Jane  06:53
08 Misunderstanding  05:14
09 No Reply At All     04:49
10 Phil Talking  04:37
11 Firth Of Fifth    09:38
12 Man On The Corner  06:25
13 Who Dunnit?  03:17
14 In The Cage / The Cinema Show / The Colony Of Slippermen  12:15
15 Afterglow  04:11
16 Turn It On Again  05:00
17 Dance On A Volcano  04:34
18 Drum Duet / Los Endos  08:10
Total Running Time:  1:54:42; quality rated as B+

The two tracks marked as ‘unreleased’ on sides 3 and 5 are a bit puzzling and I have found no trace of these being actual studio recordings.


Genesis Wembley 81


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