king crimson ‘discipline’ UD-6567/8

King Crimson Discipline 4

King crimson Discipline b

King Crimson Discipline detKing Crimson Discipline lbl 2

The label artwork was copied from the paper ads.

Discipline London 81 ad

Japan: 1982

Matrix (stamped): UD 6567A 111 / UD 6567B 111 / UD 6568A 111 / UD 6568B 111


6567 A: Discipline / Dangerous City / Red
6567 B: Plain Vaseline / I Take To The South / Mirage
6568 A: I Like It / Talk Talk
6568 B: Lark’s Tongue In Aspic Pt. 2 / Discipline


Collector evaluations:

Great set at the beginning of the ‘new’ King Crimson era in 1981. And a great quality recording too-probably audience but top quality audience.Interesting to hear the band, who played this show under the name Discipline,coming back after a 7 year break and with 2 new members.

As all the Japanese releases, this comes with a superb (color) cover, this time coupled with a really excellent sound quality, cover reproducing a cloudy earth with overprinted a strange machine topped with Fripp’s head, with wires writing “Fripp sound”. Back cover has the same picture, with songs list: about this, I will underline that at that time all the tracks are not in their definitive shape, still evolving and this is one of the aspects that made this a really interesting piece. Labels are very accurate, showing concert flyers and tracks and company infos.
LATE ADDICTIONS: this comes from UD records company, one of the most famous Japanese company that has a complete catalogue to refer; they span their releases from rock to prog, from metal to new wave to punk. It was made in the second half of the ’80, probably 1986/87. [I still believe it was much earlier than that]


The band’s short European tour – the album Discipline would not be released until September 1981:

 Apr. 30, 1981     Bath     Moles     
May. 01, 1981     Bath     Moles     
May. 02, 1981     Weymouth     Dorset Institute Of Higher Education        
May. 05, 1981     Bristol     The Granary    
May. 06, 1981     Keele     University      
May. 07, 1981     Manchester     Polytechnic    
May. 08, 1981     Liverpool     University       
May. 09, 1981     Norwich     University of East Anglia       
May. 10, 1981     London     Her Majesty’s Theatre    
May. 12, 1981     Paris     Captain Video    
May. 13, 1981     Paris     Captain Video     
May. 14, 1981     Lille     Roubaix Colisee       
May. 15, 1981     Amsterdam     Paradiso        
May. 16, 1981     Brussels     University Of Brussels


dgmlive block certain vinyl bootlegs for sale on discogs and this is one of them. eBay auctions 2010-13 achieved $26 to $70.

  1. Bob said:

    I know you didn’t write the collector’s review but you really need to edit it when it’s says “the first vinyl” when the writer means, “the first record”. I’m sure the writer doesn’t call his compact discs “compacts” so there is no need to call vinyl records “vinyls”. Pleas stop this scourge and edit anything like that. It just makes you look as ignorant as the writer you are quoting and detracts from the quality of your blog. If they don’t know what’s it’s called how can they possibly write anything knowledgable about it??

    • The writer was not a native speaker of English, so I think we can forgive him in this case. I did take out that sentence as it contains nothing new anyway.

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