Sex Pistols Sweden

Cover image shows the fresh faced band onstage with Jordan (“Queen of Punks”) at Andrew Logan’s loft, Valentine’s day, 1976, their 10th ever gig. In 1977 she briefly managed Adam & The Ants – which are next up, coincidentally.

Sex Pistols Sweden b

Sex Pistols Sweden lbl a

Sex Pistols Sweden lbl 2

Japan: 1981

Most of the Sex Pistols’ concerts on their summer 1977 Scandinavian Tour took place in Sweden:

13.7.77 Daddy’s Dance Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
14.7.77 Daddy’s Dance Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
15.7.77 Beach Disco, Diskotek Ostra Stranden, Halmstad, Sweden
16.7.77 Mogambo Disco, Helsingborg, Sweden
17.7.77 Discotheque 42, Jonkoping, Sweden
19.7.77 Club Zebra, Kristinehamn, Sweden
20.7.77 Pinvinen Restaurant, Oslo, Norway
21.7.77 Studenter Samfundet, Trodheim, Norway
23.7.77 Barbarellas Disco, Vaxjo, Sweden
24.7.77 Barbarellas Disco, Vaxjo, Sweden
27.7.77 Happy House, Student Karen, Stockholm, Sweden – 23 & over
28.7.77 Happy House, Student Karen, Stockholm, Sweden – 15 & over

Recordings from this tour are worth having as the band had arguably hit a peak as a live band.


Disc one was recorded at the last Swedish concert at the Happy House, Student Karen in Stockholm on July 28 (not the 21st as stated on the back and not disc 2.

Side A: Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / EMI
Side B: Submission / Problems / God Save The Queen / Pretty Vacant

The gig was filmed on 16mm (see YT clip below) and broadcast on the radio and subsequently bootlegged (minus ‘No Feelings’ and ‘No Fun’).

It was the father of NOMADS’ guitarist Hasse who made the 16mm film and supplied the tape for the BAD BOYS LP, made by ”Tummen”, manager of punk band The ASS.” []

The first release of this material was on the Swedish BAD BOYS LP (PECCA records matrix no: BB77), limited to 1000 copies.


Disc 2 is the same recording as the Japanese bootleg TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA (SP 3117 / ZAP–7961) minus the studio tracks, previously presented in this blog here.


The UD release was then copied in Australia ca. 1983 on the Happy Porpak punk and new wave bootleg label:

Sex Pistols BBISWE

Sex Pistols BBISWE  b


Prices at auction have fluctuated quite a bit from $130+ t0 $300, one auction finished at a remarkable $437 in July of 2014.

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