Clapton Rainbow = Budokan

Clapton Rainbow = Budokan b

Japan: 1981

Source: The back cover states this was recorded at a concert at the London Rainbow in January of 1981 but this is incorrect. Eric played at that venue on February 5th ’81, a benefit for the Dr. Meg Patterson’s drug rehabilitation clinic, however this recording comes from the Budokan in Tokyo and was made over a year earlier: 3* December 1979, the day the majority of his official live album JUST ONE NIGHT had been recorded (release date: April 1980). At least one of the songs from the 4th was also used, most likely “Further On Up The Road”. Not only may UD have hid the effect that this was a recent capture from a Japanese performance but they may also want to not have advertised the fact to collectors that they already owned in this recording in multi-track quality. Did any bootleg buyer notice? On the other hand, it may just have been an honest mistake.

At the time of writing, a copy is offered on eBay for $30

A vinyl rip of this bootleg was included on the 4 CD release JUST ONE MORE NIGHT . There is some confusion regarding the correct date on various websites and it is listed under the 4th as well, however, the inclusion on the  CD bootleg settles it for me.

6551 A: Tulsa Time / Early in the Morning / Lay Down Sally / Wonderful Tonight / If I Don’t Be There By Morning
6551 B: Worried Life Blues / Country Boy (feat. Albert Lee)/ Double Trouble / All Our Pastimes

6552 A: Blues Power / Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door / Setting Me Up (feat. Albert Lee)/ Ramblin’ On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
6552 B: After Midnight / Cocaine / Layla / Band Intros > Further On Up the Road

Quality: Excellent stereo


Clapton JOMN


The 1979 Tour book – perhaps an inspiration for the bootleg title

Clapton 79 J Tour b


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