Saxon SAotL 3

Saxon SAotL

Saxon SAotL b

Japan: 1981

Source: Quoted as “UK January 1981” but the first ever Saxon bootleg was most likely recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on 19 December 1980.

Side 1: Heavy Metal Thunder/ Dallas 1 PM/ See The Shining Light/ Back To The Wall/ Hungry Years
Side 2: Rainbow Theme; Frozen Rainbow/ Strong Arm Of The Law/ 20,000 Feet/ 747 (Strangers In The Night)/ Street Fighting Gang
Side 3: Sixth Form Girls (listed but not performed)/ Stand Up & Be Counted (ditto) / Stallions Of The Highway/ Wheels Of Steel
Side 4: Motorcycle Man/ Machine Gun/ Siren (not a song but the end of the show)


Set list from the Hammersmith Odeon on 1980/12/19:

Heavy Metal Thunder
See The Light Shining
Backs To The Wall
Hungry Years
Frozen Rainbow
Strong Arm Of The Law
20000 Feet
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Freeway Mad
Dallas 1 PM
Stand Up And Be Counted
Stallions Of The Highway
Wheels Of Steel
Motorcycle Man
Machine Gun

Saxon did tour Japan in early May of 1981. As will be seen, while U.S. bootlegs were often released after a concert in the area or a tour stop somewhere else, a few of the Japanese bootlegs from the early 1980’s were strategically released to coincide with that band’s Japan Tour.


The UD bootleg reviewed in the Saxon UK fan club magazine in 1981 (thanks to GigAddiction for the scan):

Saxon 1st boot

  1. GigAddiction said:

    When this album was released back in 1981 i was a member of the Saxon fan club “The Militia Guard”. They featured this boot in one of the magazines & even offered up suggestions of where to purchase it (UK). I’ll did out that old fanzine & will scan the infos. Pretty sure the recording was in fact from December 1980

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