Black Sabbath Buer Album

The cover illustration of Buer, the 10th spirit comes from the 18th century grimoire (a textbook of magic, typically including instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets; how to perform magical spells; charms and divination; and how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons) Pseudomonarchia Daemonum . Its Wikipedia entry mentions this bootleg:

Black Sabbath Buer Album b

The third UD title to be sourced from a Japanese concert performance, note how the back cover avoids mentioning this/feigns amnesia for legal reasons. This left Western Sabbath collectors speculating for several years that the album originated from a series of performances at London’s Hammersmith Odeon – specifically the 20 January 1981 3rd of 4 shows, since Ronnie can be heard saying “…to see you again, some of you the third time”!.

Black Sabbath Buer Album lbl

Japan: 1981

Source: Audience recording from the Nippon Seinen Kan on 17 November 1980

Side 1: Supertzar (02:21) / War Pigs (07:29) / Neon Knights (04:55) / N.I.B. (05:23) / Children of the Sea (06:05)
Side 2: Sweet Leaf (incl. Drum Solo) (07:41) / Lady Evil (04:30) / Black Sabbath (09:06)
Side 3: Heaven and Hell (13:05) / Iron Man (07:24) / Guitar Solo (incl. Orchid) & Band Jam (11:49)
Side 4: Guitar Intro & Die Young (05:19) / Paranoid & Heaven and Hell (Reprise) (03:30)

“Quality very good.” Legendary Japanese taper ‘Mr. Peach’ attended and taped this show as well but in this case his source does not seem to clearly trump the first one (that was used for this LP and later circulating from the master and on CD) as is often the case with Mr. Peach sources.

Matrix: Z G UD 6546 A 111
    Matrix: Z G UD 6546 B 111
    Matrix: Z G UD 6547 A 111
    Matrix: Z G UD 6547 B 111


Black Sabbath Japan Tour 1980

The tour announcement, not mentioning this concert on the 17th, so it must have been added due to strong demand.

Black Sabbath Japan Tour 1980 i

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