4″ Be 2″ ‘D WING’ UD-6533

4 Be 2

4 Be 2 b

Label says “D Wing Demo”

Japan: 1981

A rather unusual release. First of all, it includes all studio recordings. Second, it is by an unknown group and the supposed producer – John Lydon, former Sex Pistols member now in P.I.L.  – is almost the main attraction here.Third, two of the tracks are by a completely different band (Killing Joke). The existence of this bootleg is probably more of a testament to the commercial pull of anything related to the Sex Pistols in Japan from 1978 onward.

To get the answer to that question out of the way: It is a definite ‘maybe’ As P.I.L. specialist website fodderstompf.com reports: “Apparently it features studio recordings almost certainly recorded in mid 1980 when the band recorded the ‘Frustration’ single. Therefore it’s possible it features John Lydon in some shape or form; possible…” while writing earlier: “The 4″ Be 2″ claimed John Lydon produced most of their material. However, as far as we know his only involvement, apart from socializing, was to possibly produce their first two singles. Though he later denied working with them at all! Claiming it was just a Jock McDonald cash in… Probably the most infamous John Lydon / 4″Be 2” “collaboration” is the trip to Dublin in 1980, where John ended up in Mountjoy Prison after being beaten up by a barman.

4 Be 2 Frustration b

By Autumn 1981 the 4″Be 2″ broke up and Jimmy retired into marriage, the rest of the band – with McDonald on vocals – had already released two 12″singles in 1980 and 1981 under the name The Bollock Brothers. Many of the Bollock Brothers (and related) releases had a habit of stating that “J. Lydon”, appeared on, or produced them. However, this easily could have been Jimmy and not John Lydon. “

4 Be 2 Frustration lbl

Matrix: UD 6533 A S 1 1 1 .I. : / UD 6533 B U 1 1 1 .I. :

We are lucky that someone went through the trouble of analyzing the content of this bootleg in depth on discogs and I will just link to that entry as I have nothing to add:


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