Deep Purple BiaBedsit 2

Deep Purple Bedlam

Deep Purple Bedlam in a Bedsit signed

Japan: 1980

Source: Audience recording from the Budokan in Tokyo on 25 June 1973

Side 1:   Lazy / Child In Time / Highway Star  – Length: 31’42” 

Side 2:   Space Truckin’   – Length: 26’35” 

Notes: ‘Lazy’ edited onto the ending of ‘The Mule’. very good quality recording.

“Well, whatever energy and inspiration the band displayed in Europe and North America was fading fast when they reached Japan. Unlike the show in Osaka on the 27th, where the band is just going through the motions, they seem to tap into that magical resevoir for the last time here. This is a very professional sounding show, with everyone doing exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it. There’s just not as much passion or emotion in the songs as the earlier legs of the tour. It’s almost a “paint-by-number” performance. Apparently the audience felt the same way, because when the band didn’t re-appear after Space Truckin’, the crowd went berserk. The title is an apt description of what transpired. For whatever reasons, the band played a very short show, then refused to return for an encore. Chaos ensued and the rest is history. Probably the best sounding of the 1973 tour boots. “

Set list:
01 Introduction
02 Highway Star
03 Smoke On The Water
04 Strange Kind Of Woman
05 Child In Time
06 Lazy (Intro: America)
07 The Mule
08 Space Truckin’ (Intro: Also Sprach Zarathustra)
09 End of concert announcement


The crowd was rather unhappy not to get an encore and photographer Didi Zill documented the aftermath of the audience’s reaction:

Deep Purple Budokan 73 II

Didi_Zill-Deep_Purple 2

Deep Purple Abschied 73

This article talks from German Bravo magazine about DP Mark II’s last gig in Osaka using an image from the Budokan aftermath.

Deep Purple Chaos

The band has since used this incident to boost their legendary status. The “Woman From Tokyo” video uses quite a bit of the existing footage and their now out of print LISTEN LEARN READ ON CD box set takes its cover image from one of Zill’s photos.

Deep Purple LLRO


DP – Japan Tour 1973:

23 June 1973 Hiroshima, Shiei Taikukan  [Shi Kokaido (City Hall), was a tiny venue, with a capacity of less than 1,500.]
24 June 1973 Nagoya, Shikokaido
25 June 1973 Tokyo, Budokan

Deep Purple 25 june 73 ticket

26 June 1973 Tokyo, Budokan  *** forced cancellation ***

27 June 1973 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall

29 June 1973 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall   (some sources claim two shows were played on the 29th)]


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