UD Label – Start Of The Third Wave Of Japanese Bootlegs

With the first wave being the very first bootlegs and rise of the OG label 1972 – 1975 and the second, the rise of MARC Records and others until 1978.

The UD label was very active from 1980 to 1982. Most of it releases were double albums (5 single LP’s and 3  triples) and the majority recorded live in the UK or the USA. So, what had changed was that the producers had access to tapes recorded abroad and had shifted their focus from domestic to foreign shows (mostly) in response to the legal change of 1978.

If a recording had been taped in Japan, this is never mentioned, to the point of making up a different location. The only exception is Deep Purple’s BEDLAM IN A BEDSIT, where it is done indirectly via its cover image. This is also the oldest of all the recordings, so the bootleggers must have felt that the law did not apply here.

Two tone or color covers with b&w labels that usually included a graphic design. The same typewriter font we have already seen on the 1981 John Lennon/Beatles copies shows up here on spines and sometimes labels as well.

King Crimson Discipline det

Rolling Stones Never Too Old To RnR lbl

The values for these once extremely rare and sought after exotic titles (pre-internet & eBay days) have since come down a lot and range from $30 to several hundred $$$, depending on the bootleg appreciation of the collectors of the artist in question (titles by AC/DC and Iron Maiden in particular seem to attract many more bidders). Each title likely limited to 200-300 copies, as had been the usual quantity for Japanese bootleg vinyl.

The following list seems to be complete now and the missing numbers do not exist. Thanks to Karl for the correction.

UD 6531        PUBLIC IMAGE LTD – SCI FI – Queens Hall Leeds, 08 September 1979

UD 6532        DEEP PURPLE – BEDLAM IN A BEDSIT – Budokan Tokyo, 25 June 1973

UD 6533        4 BE 2 – D WIND – Studio recordings plus two uncredited songs by KILLING JOKE

UD 6534        IRON MAIDEN – SANCTUARY – London, 1980 (unconfirmed)

UD 6535        SID VICIOUS – VICIOUS BURGER – Max’s Kansas City New York, 07 September 1978

UD 6536        THE WHO – CONCERT FOR KAMPUCHEA – Hammersmith Odeon London, 28 December 1979

UD 6537-8    JAM – DIFFERENT – Tokyo, (06 or 08) July 1980

UD 6539        see IRON MAIDEN – KILLERS

UD 6540-1    VAN HALEN – SPECIAL OFFER – Rainbow London, 23 June 1980

UD 6543-4    CLASH – SONGBOOKS – Hammersmith Palais London, 17 June 1980

UD 6546/7    BLACK SABBATH – BUER ALBUM – Budokan Tokyo, 17 November 1980

UD 6548-9    SAXON – STRONG ARM OF THE LAW – Hammersmith Odeon, 19 December 1980

UD 6550    / 6539    IRON MAIDEN – KILLERS TOUR OF UK 81 – Rainbow Theater London, 21 December, 1980

UD 6551-2    ERIC CLAPTON AND HIS BAND 1981 – Budokan Tokyo, 04 December 1979 (cover states ‘London Rainbow, 31 January 1981’)

UD 6553-4    AC/DC –  ROCK AND ROLL AIN’T NOISE POLLUTION [THE BACK IN BLACK TOUR ’80-’81’] – cover states: Brussels, January 1981: Actually: Budokan Tokyo, 05 February 1981


UD 6557 / 6562    SEX PISTOLS – SWEDEN – Diskotek Stranden Halmstad, 15 July 1977 and Student Karen Stockholm, 28th July 1977

UD 6558/9    ADAM & THE ANTS – A.N.T.S. – Empire Ballroom London, 08 June 1980

UD 6560-1     ROXY MUSIC – OH YEAH – Wembley Arena London, 02 August 1980

UD 6565-6    RUSH – TOM SAWYER – Long Beach Arena, 14 June 1981

UD 6567-8    KING CRIMSON – DISCIPLINE – Her Majesty’s Theatre London, 10 May 1981 (?)

UD 6569-71   KRAFTWERK – COMPUTERWELT – London Hammersmith Odeon, 03 July 1981

UD 6572-4    CLASH – HITS – Lyceum Ballroom London, 19th October 1981 and Bond International Casino New York, (09?)June 1981

UD 6575-7    WHITESNAKE – THE DEEP PURPLE OLD BOYS CLUB – Listed as Hammersmith Odeon, 09 June 1981 but actually recorded during their ’81 Japan tour

UD 6578-80    GENESIS – KEBAB – Wembley Arena London, 19 December 1981

UD 6581/2    OZZY OSBOURNE – LONG BEACH ARENA – 27 June 1981

UD 6583-5    ROLLING STONES – NEVER TOO OLD TO ROCK’N ROLL – Memorial Colosseum L.A., 09/11 October 1981

UD 6586-8    TOTO – L.A. FORUM MAY 1982 – 28 May 1982  (also released as XL 1571/2/3)

UD 6589-90    AC/DC – LIVE! at L.A. FORUM in February 1982 – actually recorded at Expo Hall in Osaka on 7 June, 1982


I will try to make a guess when each title was released in each post. In order to date these one would have to know if there were gaps between releases and  how long were they, which is information that is not available. Still, I  do believe that the producers did have a quite busy schedule, with little gaps between releases.

I also believe the slightly later XL label releases, which I will get to next, were made by the same team.

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  1. I love the care that was taken over these Japanese Triples, like Clash Hits & Bowies Serious Moonlight, both are the definitive documents of their respective tours with the best possible sources available at the time.
    with intelligently chosen relevant filler material that compliments the main show.
    If I had to show someone how good bootlegs could be I would wheel these 2 titles out along with Iggy Pops 2LP “Nightclubbing” on cool records -this is not the same release as the Swingin’ Pig rip off

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