RAINBOW ‘SATISFACTION’ and the Sapporo ’78 Incident

Rainbow Satisfaction

Rainbow Satisfaction II

Rainbow Satisfaction lbl

Japan: 1978

The only vinyl bootleg to be released from Rainbow’s extensive second Japan tour, recorded at Osaka’s  Koseinenkin-Kaikan on 16 January, 1978. The usual limited pressing run for Japanese made product have always made this LP a very hard to find collector’s item.

Side A:  Intro: Over The Rainbow / Kill The King / Long Live Rock’n’Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Starstruck

Side B:  Still I’m Sad

Matrix: BL-409 A/B


11.01.1978     Shi Kokaido     Nagoya           
12.01.1978     Kenritsu Taiikukan     Hiroshima         
13.01.1978     Kenritsu Taiikukan     Kumamoto            
14.01.1978     Kyuden-Kinen Taiikukan     Fukuoka            
16.01.1978     Koseinenkin-Kaikan     Osaka           
17.01.1978     Koseinenkin-Kaikan     Osaka           
18.01.1978     Kaikan Daiichi Hall     Kyoto           
20.01.1978     Koseinenkin-Kaikan     Osaka          
21.01.1978     Budokan     Tokyo            
22.01.1978     Budokan     Tokyo             
24.01.1978     Koriyama Shimin-Kaikan     Fukushima             
27.01.1978     Nakajima Sports Centre     Sapporo             
28.01.1978     Budokan     Tokyo            
29.01.1978     Kenmin Kaikan     Akita             
31.01.1978     Kenmin Kaikan     Niigata            
01.02.1978     Shi Kanko Kaikan     Kanazawa             
03.02.1978     Budokan     Tokyo    

Rainbow Japan 78 tb

Japan ’78 Tour book

Rainbow Japan 78 hb

A handbill for the Tokyo concerts.


Rainbow 1978

Newspaper report about the crowd disturbance before the encore and fatality at the Sapporo show on 27 January ’78.

Subsequent shows included a short memorial ceremony:

“…The Rainbow is colored full red for the people of Japan as the silent prayer is read and observed…. “[collectorsmusicreviews.com review of the Mr. Peach recording from the concert in Niigata]

“…Ronnie introduces a gentleman to speak to the audience and lead them in a silent prayer for Sapporo and for a minute the large crowd goes quiet…” “Ronnie then speaks to the crowd about something they would like to address and brings out an interpreter who then leads the audience and band in a silent prayer…” [collectorsmusicreviews.com review of the Mr. Peach and Aquarius recordings from the last night of the tour at the Budokan in Tokyo]


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