RAINBOW ‘Mark 2/II’ – banned from the (Liverpool) empire

Rainbow Mark 2

Rainbow Mark 2 b

Japan: 1978

Rainbow – 1977-11-04 Mark II
Venue: Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK
Source: Aud

Kill the King 6:08
Mistreated 11:42
16th Century Greensleeves 7:56
Catch the Rainbow 18:05
Long Live Rock-n-Roll 7:08

Lazy 0:53
Man on the Silver Mountain 13:07
Still I’m Sad 26:01

“…excelllent audience recording from November 4, 1977. Highly recommended early Rainbow show.”


Rainbow played two nights at the Liverpool Empire as part of their fall UK tour in 1977.

Rainbow Liverpool 77 II

Rainbow Liverpool 77 III

On the last night, Ritchie caused some damage to the old theater’s plaster work when he smashed his guitar at the end and as a consequence he and the band were banned from all future appearances at the venue, which also decided to limit the number of rockconcerts they would allow.

Rainbow Liverpool 77

Photo taken by Simon Robinson

“…during the encore, Ritchie appeared in one of the boxes, level with the balcony, playing guitar whilst his legs dangled over the edge, before demolishing the guitar over the edge. Unimpressed, the venue banned Rainbow after assessing the damage done. [ronniejamesdisite.com]

This was the infamous show where he disappeared from the stage during the encore, and reappeared in one of the first floor boxes, from where he proceeded to trash his Strat copy, dangling the remains over the rabid crowd below. He also did considerable damage to the ornate plasterwork too and got a life ban from the place! This also led to a reduction in the number of rock bands allowed to play there, and the Royal Court Theatre just across the road eventually took over as Liverpool’s premier live music venue – but that’s another story.
Simon Robinson
[as quoted on deep-purple.net]

I was there that night and what the picture does not show is the crowd of fans climbing over each other to reach the dangling strat pieces. It was an incredible sight from an inspiring night. [audience member]

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  1. Adrian Rogers said:

    I was there as well, my 18th birthday. One of my friends managed to get get a piece of the Strat.

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