RAINBOW ‘CATCH THE RAINBOW’ BR1214 and ‘Seven Bridge’ BR 726

Rainbow CTR 2

Rainbow CTR b

Rainbow CTR discs

Rainbow CTR inner

Japan: 1977 (not to be mistaken with the European bootleg from Oslo )

Side A: Intro / Kill The King (listed as “New Song” / Mistreated / 16th Century Greensleeves
Side B: Catch The Rainbow / Man On The Silver Mountain
Side C: Stargazer / Still I’m Sad
Side D: Still I’m Sad / Do You Close Your Eyes

HOTWACKS gave it an “Exm” rating and stated only 200 copies exist (auction sellers claimed only 100).

Tapio’s Ronnie James Dio site claims it was produced in Hokkaido, Japan. and recorded at the Osaka concert at the Koseinenkin-Kaikan on the 8th of December. However, ronniejamesdiosite.com states it is a compilation job and recorded at the following concerts, without naming individual tracks: 05 December: Osaka; 09 December 1976: Osaka; 14 December: Hiroshima. If anyone has a copy, this should be easy to verify as different sources of audience recordings tend to sound noticeably different at the edit points.

This release reminds me of the black double albums produced from Osaka concerts around this time, which I had previously mentioned in this post.

In past auctions, this item reached close to US$500


Rainbow Seven Bridge

Rainbow Seven Bridge lbl

Matrix: BR726A / B 1K

Japan: Most likely released in 1977, although still somewhat rare it has been easier to find than the above double album.

Side A:  Still I’m Sad / Man On The Silver Mountain / Starstruck
Side B:  Stargazer / Do You Close Your Eyes 

As above, Tapio’s RJD site states all tracks recorded at  Koseinenkin-Kaikan on the 8th of December while ronniejamesdiosite.com claims ‘Still I’m Sad’ is from the Osaka concert on the 5th and two tracks come from Osaka on the 8th, leaving two songs unaccounted for.

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