GENESIS ‘ALL WE NEED’S A HIT’ (fake) Idle Mind Label Japan 1597

Genesis AWNAHGenesis AWNAH b

Genesis AWNAH lblGreat capture of the hand-written matrix

The first Japanese Genesis bootleg, released in 1977, before their Japan tour and before the hits and triple box set bootlegs ( KEBAB ) would actually happen. This may have been the last bootleg released as part of this series. Just a few hundred pressed but not so hard to find these days.

Matrix: GR -1597 A 12- / GR-1597 B 11-


Side 1: Squonk / One For The Vine  [Earls Court, London June 23, 1977]
            Your Own Special Way     [Free Trade Hall, Manchester Jan. 11, 1977]
            Inside And Out / The Carpet Crawler / Afterglow  
Side 2: Eleventh Earl Of Mar / I Know What I Like / Dance On A Volcano    [Earls Court, London June 23, 1977]
            The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / The Musical Box  [Earl’s Court June 24, 1977]   


Apparently, all used source tapes were quite distant and miserable sounding, earning this one just a “Fair mono” rating.


Genesis 77 Tour

Genesis poster 77

Genesis Man FTH Jan 11Genesis Earl's Court June 23


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