Fake Idle Mind & ZAP Label Japan Master List


Fake Idle Mind lbl

Side 2 label taken from a copy of the Rainbow – BLACKMORE THE RAIDER LP


Beatles – SOME LIKE IT HOT!      fake Idle Mind label   [OG label reissue. Previously reviewed here]

Beatles Some Like It Hot IM
Free – REMINISCENCES / LIVE!  rec. Tokyo 1971/2    Fake IM

Kiss – BLITZ LONDON   rec. London 16 May 1976  Fake IM  K1322

Wings – ZOO GANG   rec. San Francisco + Los Angeles, June 1976   Fake IM  1117

Queen – FREE IN THE PARK   rec. London 18 September 1976   Fake ZAP 7960  [has been covered in detail on other websites like queenlive.ca]

Wishbone Ash – ASHES ARE BURNING    rec. Tokyo 14 October 1976   Fake IM/ZAP 7963  [previously reviewed here]

Deep Purple – NEVER BEFORE   UK 1970 + 1972   Fake IM/ZAP 7967  [previously reviewed here]


Rainbow – BLACKMORE THE RAIDER  rec. Tokyo 2 December 1976  fake IM 1202

Genesis – ALL WE NEED’S A HIT    rec. London + Manchester 23/24 June 1977  Fake IM  1597


Am I missing any?

These titles may actually precede the Cartoon label Japan releases based on the recording dates alone.

The Queen title has different labels (blank white or green w. Side 1/2 notations) and may have been produced by someone else but since the number slots in with the other fake ZAP’s I will list it here.

  1. John said:

    Always thought that ZAP was a substitute for the lower quality recordings from the folks of MARC. As Aftermath was a sort of this for TAKRL, …

    • HOTWACKS just labels some of these as MARC releases but are they? I’d love to find some insider info.

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