The Eagles ‘prairie light fantasia’ EB 7087

Just over a month after Pink Floyd ended their shows at Wembley Arena the next band to move in for a multi-night residency were the Eagles on their first European Tour, following the release of their HOTEL CALIFORNIA album.

Eagles Prairie Light Fantasia

Eagles Prairie Light Fantasia 4

Japan: 1978

Source: London, Wembley Arena, 26 April 1977

Side 1:   Hotel California / Walk Away / Victim of Love / Rocky Mountain Way / Lyin’ Eyes / Wasted Time

Side 2:   Take it To The Limit / New Kid in Town / Wasted Time (Reprise) / Desperado / Life in the Fast Lane / James Dean / Best Of My Love / Take It Easy

Quality rating: “Vgm” rating in HOTWACKS


European Leg:

London, England Wembley 25 April ‘77
London, England Wembley 26 April ‘77
London, England Wembley 27 April ‘77
London, England Wembley 28 April ‘77
Glasgow, Scotland Apollo Centre 30 April ‘77
Glasgow, Scotland Apollo Centre 01 May ‘77
Stafford, England Bingley Hall 03 May ‘77
Stafford, England Bingley Hall 05 May ‘77
Munich, Germany Olympia Halle 07 May ‘77
Frankfort, Germany Festhalle 08 May ‘77
Dusseldorf, Germany Phillips Halle 09 May ‘77
Rotterdam, Nether. Ahoy 11 May ‘77
Rotterdam, Nether. Ahoy 12 May ‘77
Rotterdam, Nether. Ahoy 13 May ‘77
Hamburg, Germany Congress Zentrum 15 May ‘77
Stockholm, Sweden Trivoli 17 May ‘77
Gothenburg, Sweden Stadium Nya Ullevi 18 May ‘77

Eagles Tour 77 promo poster

  1. Chris said:

    To whoever this may concern
    I do not know whether you will respond to this, hope you do.
    So, I see you have Prairie Light Fantasia. Lucky you are. This is something I myself am looking for. But other than your site, it is nowhere to be found.
    Here’s the thing. You most probably won’t even accept it, but is there any way of sharing the songs in the vinyl? Now I’m not asking for the vinyl itself, but what’s inside. If you go against your correct judgement and actually decide to do at least a few, I will thank you eternally. If you do decide to share, at the very least Hotel California only. If you cannot, tell me why.
    Also if you do share, I will send you the audio of another night from England called High Noon, on 8 April 1977.
    Yours truly

    • The images were copied from a Yahoo Japan auction some time ago. I never owned this bootleg, sorry.

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