Gabriel P LaP12yo

Gabriel P LaP12yo b

Japan: ca. 1978

Source: Peter Gabriel’s first ever UK Tour as a solo artist

Side 1:    Here Comes The Flood  (02:18) / On The Air (04:36) / Moribund The Burgermeister  (05:17) / Waiting For The Big One (08:26) / Indigo (03:55) / Excuse Me (04:26) / Ain’t That Peculiar (05:07) / Solsbury Hill (04:32)
Side 2: Slowburn (05:51) / All Day And All Night (05:22) / Down The Dolce Vita  (10:39) / Back In N.Y.C. (06:44)

Total Running Time : 1:07:13

Matrix: PG 3047 A / B

“Humdrum” and “Modern Love” are missing and I suspect other songs as well. This recording is only available on this bootleg as the master tape never surfaced.

Quality: The album only earned a “Gm” rating on HOTWACKS, however genesis-movement rates it a ‘B’, so I suspect it is not that bad. Now, I have learned that you should not press more than 28 minutes of music onto one side of an LP and in this case, this is definitely exceeded and will affect the play back quality.

The “peter under water with bubbles” image comes from a 1977 Charisma Records ad and gave the Impossible Recordworks bootleg SUBMERGED its title.


Gabriel P New Vic Theater 77


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