Bryan Ferry ‘The sting of EL FERRANTI’ – Cartoon Label Japan

Ferry B Sting of el Ferranti w. lbl 2Ferry B Sting of el Ferranti b

Audience recording from Nakano Sun Plaza Hall. 9 June 1977. Rated “Vgs” on HOTWACKS

Ferry and band also recorded a live TV special that afternoon for the YOUNG MUSIC SHOW series produced by Japan’s NHK station, which ran from 1971 to 1981 and is most well known for their ‘Recorded Live At The Budokan’ programs of Queen, KISS and Cheap Trick.


Transcript of the 1974 NME Nick Kent article, this bootleg borrowed its name from:


El Ferranti NME


  1. Doinker said:

    I just recently scored a copy of this album. It had been on my want list for, like forever. I would have to agree with the HW rating of VGS. It’s a really nice show, and sometimes the recording is very clear. What I would like to add is the following statement. This album runs noticeably slow. Even with it sped up to proper pitch, you get somewhat of a surprise. This LP runs 67 minutes!

  2. Thank you for reporting back, Doinker.
    67 minutes! Must make this a contender for “Longest playing time of a single album bootleg LP”.

    • Doinker said:

      No, that would definitely be Grateful Dead Living On The Edge. Three of the four sides are over 40 minutes each!

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