Aerosmith Spirit of Boston

Aerosmith Spirit of Boston b

Japan: 1977/78

Matrix: VM 2637 A / B (handwritten) – the only bootleg in the cartoon label series to mention “Vinyl Man Records” on the cover.

Source: Aerosmith’s final show of their Japan and their Rocks Tour plus two tracks from their 31 January Budokan appearance (^).

Side 1: Intro (Jaws Theme)/ Mama Kin / S.O.S. (Too Bad) / Lick And A Promise / Big Ten-Inch Record / Dream On^ / Lord Of The Thighs^     
Side 2: Last Child / Walk This Way / Same Old Song And Dance / Train Kept A Rollin’- Get The Lead Out – Batman Theme / Toys In The Attic

Quality rating: “Vgs”, according to HOTWACKS 

Collector quotes:”The sound quality is good throughout the recording, with a limited number of drop-outs. “

Sound quality in stereo audience recording is clear, but unfortunately the vocals are a little distant.


Aerosmith SoB pic lbl

I wonder if this picture label edition is authentic or home-made?


Aerosmith Japan ad

Above: These are just the Tokyo dates, there were five more concerts in other cities – Mr. Peach attended – and taped – three of them.

Below: Tour program and ticket.

Aerosmith Japan 77

Aerosmith Japan 77 ad

Above: Back when a Japan tour really was something to write home about – literally.

It does remind me of Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen saying in an interview that for a relatively unknown band band from the mid-Western U.S., wanting to play the Budokan was like wanting to play on the moon.


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