Objet désir intense: QUEEN – ‘ZOOM QUEEN’ – Osaka 1976 double LP, Japan

Pardon my French, I think all the native English speakers still understood ‘Object of intense desire’ – although this now refers to times passed, when we in the west had no idea that a Mr. Peach existed.

Queen Zoom Q

Quite an interesting font

Queen Zoom

Queen Zoom Queen in

Queen Zoom lbl 1

Queen Zoom lbl 2

Queen Zoom lbl 3

Queen Zoom lbl 4

It seems that there are two versions: With matrix numbers and with matrix numbers scratched out. One source quoted the number as LLX 314. is this correct?

Year of release: 1977

It is easy to see the appeal of this album in the late 70’s to the eBay boom years: A complete early Japanese Queen recording in excellent quality at a time when this seemed to be the only item of its kind.

Source: Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, 29 March 1976, 2 PM show

SIDE A:  Intro: Bohemian Rhapsody (‘opera part’ taped) / Bohemian Rhapsody (end ‘rock’ part) / Ogre Battle / Sweet Lady / White Queen / Flick Of The Wrist
SIDE B:  Medley: Bohemian Rhapsody / Killer Queen / The March Of The Black Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody (end part)/ Bring Back That Leroy Brown / Brighton Rock / Son And Daughter (end part)
SIDE C: The Prophet’s Song / Stone Cold Crazy / Doing Alright / Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon / Keep Yourself Alive
SIDE D:  Liar / In The Lap Of The Gods….revisited / Now I’m Here/ Medley: Big Spender / Jailhouse Rock / Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (improvisation) / Jailhouse Rock (reprise) / God Save The Queen….(tape)

Queen Zoom tl1


In regards to this release, the same story is passed around from seller to seller: Originally 200 were pressed (collectorsmusicreviews.com says 400) but due to a police raid only between 20 – 50 copies got out.

What I find peculiar is that if the numberof surviving copies is really as low as 20/25, half of the copies seem to have made it out to western collectors and I would seriously question this. It was included in HOTWACKS, so it could not have been that ultra-rare then, considering how many titles never were. This really is not such a hard to find to find bootleg. In addition, I question the knowledge of non-Japanese speakers in regards to this specific bootleg raid, which tends to be repeated each time a copy is offered. Is there any confirmed source for this? If you search for certain Japanese vinyl bootlegs from the same period, they are even rarer than this album.

With a story like this, the album would sometimes sell for a low four figure sum. here are confirmed auction results with reported item condition:

Queen – ZOOM QUEEN (2lp) ULTRA RARE only 25 copies left ! MINT !!!     2013-05-26  779 GBP  (1202 USD)     mint
Queen Zoom 2 LP                                                                                                  2011-06-07 1750 EUR  (1997 USD)     Mint!
QUEEN ZOOM QUEEN 2LP EXTREMELY RARE only 50 pressing                2009-10-29  510 GBP  (787 USD)     EX++/EX++
QUEEN,ZOOM,2LP,LAMINATED GATEFOLD SLEEVE, RARE LIVE                2008-06-18  845 USD         VG+,VG+
ZOOM QUEEN/LIVE IN OSAKA JAPAN ORIGINAL LP no reserve!!              2004-10-05  449 USD         Exc, thin scratch
Queen Zoom Queen rare live vinyl 2 LP NEW&OOP                                    2004-08-19  1299 GBP  (2005 USD) Mint, unplayed

Reports that there is a counterfeit issue could not be confirmed but the following image certainly does make you wonder:

Queen Zoom tri




This title reminds me of another Osaka sourced Eric Clapton Japan 1977 double LP, I had previously written about, that looks remarkably similar in design:

Clapton E On Tour

Clapton E On Tour innerClapton E On Tour b


There is also this Osaka 1975 Japan triple box but I am less sure that it was produced by the same outfit:

Clapton Tour 75

More information about this and the previous title can be found by clicking here.

  1. John said:

    weeks ago Zoom was sold for 430 eu’ro’s.

  2. John said:

    is that from Mttjloke ?…if so..this guy has different ebay names and adresses…he bids on his own advertisements..to reach a high ammount. of money…

    • It’s from that guy who felt the need to brand his images as seen above, which is really lame..

      • John said:

        i know him…’he brand his images to protect them for others to use…

  3. Michael said:

    There is a counterfeit issue. First ebay sale I can see in ended auctions is June 20th, 220€.
    Auctions say 50 black, 100 red, 100 blue vinyl, but one auction had a copy in pink. I got red and blue two days ago. By comparing them to my original which I acquired in 1994, I can confirm that they can be told apart, but to use Pierre de Fermat’s words … “I have a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this comment field is too narrow to contain”.

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