Japan Cartoon Label (1977) Master List

The first label I have seen that took all its releases from the same year – 1977 (with three exceptions). Actual release date may have been later.

Cartoon lbl 1

The number font looks like it was copied off of Contraband but is a bit different:


Cartoon lbl 2

The artist who drew these cartoon figures has been identified as Tanioka Taiji.

The List:

V.A. – BRITISH SUPER SHOW ’69    recorded March 25/26 ’69      VM 1369

Brian Ferry – STING OF EL FERRANTI   Tokyo, June 9 ’77     SLPS 1767

Aerosmith – SPIRIT OF BOSTON    Tokyo, Jan 31 + Feb 9 ’77         VM 2637

Peter Gabriel – LIKE A POSSESSED 12-YEAR-OLD   London, April 30 ’77     3047

Pink Floyd – GIANT BARN DANCE    London, March 15 + 19 ’77     PF 3077
                    – 30 KW PA                                                                 PF 3077 C/D

King Crimson – GET THY BEARINGS    Two dates, UK 1969 + 1971     ILPS 6977

Eagles – PRAIRIE LIGHT FANTASIA    London, April 26 ’77       EB 7087

Deep Purple – NEVER BEFORE  various locations, 1970 – 1972  7967 (also found with fake Idle Mind labels)

KISS – MAMA, WE’RE ALL CRAZY NOW   Tokyo, April 1 ’77      KR 9047


The release numbers may have been randomly assigned but I have used them anyway to help sort this list.

The label may have had plans to call itself Vinyl Man Records – that name can be found on the back of the Aerosmith release and this and the BRITISH SUPER SHOW ’69 LP start with “VM”, however this idea seems to have been dropped soon after.

One of the characteristics of the Cartoon label is that while some bootleg labels included too little music sometimes, Cartoon often included as many songs as technically possible – and then some – on their single LP releases, with some LP sides stretching to over 33 minutes of music. Obviously, double albums or two volume single discs were not something they wanted to produce.

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  1. Norman Hathaway said:

    artist name is Yasuji Tanioka
    famous japanese manga artist

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