Japan JL 5XX Copy Series: JL-511 to JL-515

JL 511 Pink Floyd Europe 74
JL 512 Beatles / Rolling Stones BATTLE
JL 513 Paul McCartney James Paul McCartney
514 Beatles Live in Europe & US TV Casts
JL 515 Beatles Live in Vancouver Canada



Pink Floyd JL 511

This copy shown sold for 16,000+ Yen in Japan in April of 2015, confirming a trend we already saw in the OG PF copies.

This title helps us significantly in dating the whole JL series, as it can be traced back to the two previous originals. First, there was THE SCREAMING ABDAB , Wizardo’s first PF title, released in the fall of 1975.

Pink Floyd Screaming Abdab

Then, Contraband wasted little time and copied this LP relatively shortly afterwards as:

Pink Floyd Europe 74

This means that JL 511 was pressed in 1976 at the earliest.


JL 512 (as the matrices say) orJL 522 (according to the cover #) The BEATLES / ROLLING STONES – BATTLE

B RS Battle 512

B RS Battle 512 lbl 1

B RS Battle 512 matrix

B RS Battle 512 lbl 2

B RS Battle 512 matrix b


The original:

B RS Battle orig

B RS Battle orig lbl

Released in 1971. An early example of a “hybrid bootleg”. The track list on the insert is incorrect. While the excellent sounding Rolling Stones tracks are just in the wrong order, the Beatles side underwent a complete change that must have come too late for the “Art Department”.

Side 1: Looking Tired (2:15 – (06 September, 1965 at RCA Studios-Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA) / Tell Me Baby (1:54) (11 June 1964 + all following tracks: At Chess Studios, Chicago, IL) / Down in The Bottom (2:43) / Stewed And Keefed (4:09) / Hi-Heel Sneakers (2:59)

The Vg quality Beatles side lists the songs performed on their 1965 Ed Sullivan Show appearance from the 14 August ’65 but is actually a partial copy of side one of the LAST LIVE SHOW LP, starting with “Twist And Shout”.

Beatles Last Live S



McCartney JPM JL 513

I had written previously in this post that this was a copy of the CBM version – I hope that this is really the case as the cover joins the TMOQ ‘smoking pig’ version from 1974 with the added CBM logo, and unless one listens to the actual JL version record, it is not confirmed (CBM simply copied TMOQ’s insert text, despite changing the track list).

McCartney JPM 513 2v

With and without ‘JL’ prefix.


JL 514:  THE BEATLES – live in europe & us tv casts

Beatles LiEur USTV JL 514

Beatles LiEur USTV 2v



Beatles Live Vancouver Canada IA


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