From “Operation Moonbeam” to the Moonmadness Tour – how fitting!

Camel Lunacy itmm

Camel Lunacy itmm detail 2

Camel Lunacy itmm detail

Camel Lunacy itmm lbl 1

Source: Fair to good audience recording from the Liverpool Empire on 2 April, 1976. The website lists an FM recording for this date. The first – and only – Camel vinyl bootleg.

Side 1: Song Within A Song [07:31] / Excerpts From Snow Goose 1 [10:23] / Air Born [05:04] / Chord Change [06:37]
Side 2: Excerpts From The Snow Goose 2 [09:31] / Another Night [06:29] / Lady Fantasy [14:04]

MARC goes prog-rock – and not exactly out with a bang. Possibly the worst sounding recording in their catalog. Why did they stop here? I would love to know.


Camel Moonmadness-Tour Ad


Camel Moonmadness-Tour 2

Camel-Moonmadness badge

  1. John said:

    strange MARC one….unusual record label, strange cover…looks like 2 backcovers…

    • Yes, everything’s strange about this one, like an afterthought or done by someone who “borrowed” the label name. A bit of a shame really – especially considering they released a bad audience tape of the one show from the tour that was broadcast on the radio.

      • John said:

        indeed… my opinion…not a MARC one…

  2. John said:

    btw…i do have a Queen Royal American Tour.(.the TAKRL re-issue) ( Original by Wizardo ).(.normally issued by TAKRL with an insert.) a deluxe cover edition ( same picture as on the TAKRL release..).!! The deluxe cover is as i seriously think a project from the folks of MARC..One slightly little different on the front cover is typed 539. Also on the matrixno’s are this numbers printed…539 A – 539 B.

  3. Karl said:

    Hi John, I think that is a “JL” Japanese copy, the series that is currently in discussion (see curent post). Some covers have JL-5xx printed on the covers, some releases have only the 5xx number and this Queen is one of the last releases by “JL”. Said to be pressed in Korea.

    • I assume if true that they were pressed in S. Korea, they were then imported to Japan and sold there.

  4. John said:

    hey Karl…..thanks for this information…, maybe JL was a MARC spin-off?. The labels on the title i mentioned do have typical MARC typings…..( Made in Korea?…)

  5. John said:

    any road leads to known that they were pressed in Korea?

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