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The end of the tan MARC title labels had come, it seems. Check the next posts for the labels.

Queen LOASE b


By the middle of 1976, MARC had caught up with the band’s second Japan tour and released their second Queen title much closer to the concert date. Another end of tour performance – respectable but not reaching Queen’s brilliance of their final tour performance.  The recording is slightly distant but still more than decent.

Side 1:  Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part) / Ogre Battle / Sweet Lady / White Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody (verses) – Killer Queen  – The March Of The Black Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise) / Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Side 2: The Prophet’s Song / Stone Cold Crazy / Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon / Liar / In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 

The likely set list that evening:

Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part)
Ogre Battle
Sweet Lady
White Queen
Flick Of The Wrist
– Bohemian Rhapsody (verses)
– Killer Queen
– The March Of The Black Queen
– Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise)
Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Brighton Rock
Son And Daughter
The Prophet’s Song
Stone Cold Crazy
Doing All Right
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
Keep Yourself Alive
In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
Now I’m Here
Big Spender
Jailhouse Rock
God Save The Queen

This is the only available source for this night. “A second audience source from this show exists, reportedly the complete show, but it has been said that it will never leave the taper’s hands. ” []  That, of course, is rather sad.



Ken came out with the first copy on his Flat Records label, ca.1977/8:

Queen Crowning Glory


Vicky Vinyl released it as the first title of her SLA / Rodan sub-label in 1979:

Queen Geisha Boys IMP

Queen Geisha Boys bl lbl

Queen Geisha Boys b


In 1981, someone from the UK made their own version under the same title and even copied the font & track list of the SLA version on the back of their new creation:

Queen GB uk b
Queen Geisha Boys RE


Finally, three songs and half the medley were included on the 1982 European 500 copies only release CARDIAC ARREST: “Ogre Battle, Sweet Lady, White Queen, The March Of The Black Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise)”.

Queen CA b

Queen CA

Side 1:

Has any band been more lucky when it came to touring Japan than Wings? Two sold out tours and not a single gig played! With now three cancelled Japan Tours to his name, Paul must hold the record.

Second place probably goes to the Animal’s Japan tour in November of 1968: “…after a few successful shows at major venues, the group was expected to put on two shows a night for Japanese gangsters for two weeks.  Eric and the band rebelled, and had to bribe their way out, so they abruptly left Japan without their equipment. ” []

Wings Japan Tour 75

Prior to the start of their Australian tour, arrangements had been made to film and record the first night in Melbourne on 16-track tape (show # 8 of the tour) at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (that is is the complete name of the venue) – for use in TV- and radio specials.

The Australian FM broadcast was bootlegged in 1976 as disc one of the Wizardo bootleg FLY SOUTH minus the announcer’s comments.

Wings Fly South mcv

The material was also broadcast in Japan on JO2R but with several differences compared to the Australian version:

– Two extra songs, “Band on the Run” and “Hi Hi Hi” were included plus  the introduction to “Venus and Mars”

– However, the musical introduction (“Batman”) to “Band on the Run” can only be found on FLY SOUTH

– The Japanese broadcast was also treated to some post-production work via “audience reaction” bits meant to mask edit points. In the YT video at the bottom, listen to one of these very noticeable overdubs at 14:00 minutes.

MARC Records released the Japanese broadcast tape in 1976:

Side 1: Venus And Mars/ Rock Show/ Jet/ Let Me Roll It/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ I’ve Just Seen A Face/ Blackbird/ Yesterday
Side 2: Listen To What The Man Said/ Call Me Back Again/ Letting Go/ Band On The Run/ Hi Hi Hi/ Radio Announcement* Bluebird* (JO2R radio ad)

Matrix: TW-76011 A/B

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp 2

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp b

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp lbl

Wings Rock Show '75 MARC


Later in 1976, when John Wizardo compiled his WINGS triple LP box {505}, he decided to include some of the Melbourne tracks and selected “Venus And Mars”, “Rock Show”, “Jet” and “I’ve Just Seen A Face” – but not from the source tape he had used before on FLY SOUTH but from the MARC LP.

In my opinion, what could have been a great box set – with all the ’76 source tapes only Wizardo had: Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco – was watered down by the inclusion of tracks that had been available before. Did he listen to Rock Show ’75 and realize this was the same performance as FLY SOUTH? Then why not include “Band on the Run” and “Hi Hi Hi”, the new tracks? Or did he find the audience enhancements and minor differences worthy enough to warrant inclusion?

The same goes for the UK 1973 tracks, which I assume came from Edinburgh, 23 May 1973 (2nd show), as released by Wizardo himself as one of his first titles in the 300 series in 1975: Paul McCartney in scotland (302) and by Contraband as scotland – 73 (Instant Analysis 1030). Unfortunately, the Eight Arms To Hold You  book does not comment on this.

Wings 505

This is the video special produced in Japan:

Queen Kimono MPL

Queen Kimono MPL b

Queen Kimono MPL lbl 1

Queen Kimono MPL lbl 2

 Matrix:  (side 1): TQ75122A  / (side 2): TQ-75122B  The start of several Queen releases by MARC Records.

Source: Tokyo Budokan, 01 May 1975, released in Japan in 1976

Side 1: Procession / Now I’m Here / Great King Rat / Killer Queen / Seven Seas Of Rhye / Hangman                                                                              Side 2: In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited / See What A Fool I’ve Been / God Save The Queen

Concert set list:

Intro: Procession (from tape)
Now I’m Here
Ogre Battle
Great King Rat
White Queen
Flick Of The Wrist
Doing All Right
In The Lap Of The Gods
Killer Queen
The March Of The Black Queen
Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Son And Daughter
Keep Yourself Alive
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Stone Cold Crazy
In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
Big Spender
Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll
Jailhouse Rock
See What A Fool I’ve Been
God Save The Queen

This title was picked up by Vicky Vinyl in the US and copied as STUNNING (BRR 06/Rodan Records):

Matrix:: SLA-00006-A/B

Queen Stunning BRR 3

Queen Stunning b

Above: Back cover of the deluxe version.

Queen Stunning Rodan

Queen Stunning RR

Also exists with Duck Records labels.


Supposedly, there are six audience sources (five of them bootlegged) for the last night of Queen’s Sheer heart Attack Tour:

1976: Kimono My Place Live – Marc Records, Japan  Vinyl source, incomplete (best sounding source until release of “song brothers” source in August of 2007)

2000: First Live Attack – Private Masters, ?  CD source  (first release of the complete show, “fair to good, very distant with the screams of the girls in the audience frequently drowning out the music”)

?: unbootlegged source, 119 mins.  (missing most of the cheering after In The lap of the Gods… Revisited)

2004: Killing Me Softly – Wardour  CD source ( “very good mono being a definite upgrade to the previous first tape source.  All of the instruments are distinct and clear and enjoyable”, “…missing most of the cheering after Jailhouse Rock.”)

2007: Young Nobles Of Rock – Tarantura  CD source  (best sounding of all sources; “…complete, but there are three slight cuts – just after Son And Daughter, and before both encores. “)

2012: An Exceptional Legacy – Wardour  CD source, complete  (“clear but distant and flat, lacking in some detail and liveliness.  It is sharper than the tape used on Killing Me Softly but not nearly as good quality as the Tarantura”)


The “song brothers” master cassette as pictured on the Tarantura artwork. Was the pig stamp a later addition?

This best sounding source was the lucky combination of a band performing at their best on a final night of a tour – they tend to do that in my experience, unless the tour was a disaster and/or members don’t get along – and a technically almost perfect capture (under the circumstances).

1975-05-01 Queen