Gallagher Rory Souped Up Rory!

Japan: ca. second half of 1976. I believe this was the first Rory Gallagher bootleg made.

Source: Rory on his 28th birthday, filmed by the BBC at the “Shepherd’s Bush BBC Theater”, as it is introduced by Bob Harris, later known as the Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert venue.

I am not sure what happened to “Bullfrog Blues”, which is the last song in the YouTube video but not on the bootleg.

Side 1: Introduction, I take What I Want / Bought and Sold / All Round Man
Side 2: Out on the Western Plain / Souped-up Ford / Hands Off

Matrix: RG 76056-1 / 2

What do Paul Simon and Rory Gallagher have in common?

Both had their first Japan tours in 1974 (Rory in January, he would return in January of 1975 and again in October/November of 1977).

Rory Gallagher bootlegs listing:


The album title inspiration? Melody Maker, 3 January 1976 issue

  1. Rick said:

    I don’t see Only in it for the Music …7 tracks ..Do you read me/ Secret agent / Calling card/ Bought and sold / Too much alky/ Going to my Hometown / Bullfrog
    I will take a pic of the front

    • Realistically, I won’t be able to cover every released title by every artist.

      Quote from the web: “I have a boot called Only in it for the Music that has, for me, the definitive version of that tune (“Bullfrog Blues”). Despite the drum and bass solos! Not sure where it’s from. It’s not any of the ones that have made it onto DVD that I’m aware of. So not Montreux, Irish tour etc. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a radio broadcast…” Looking around, it seems nobody has any idea where that material is from, even the Rory bootleg sites don’t.

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