Led Zeppelin ‘White Summer’ MARC LZ-76053 / German Bootleg >>Life/Live<< + how "Jethro Tull-mania"in Germany forced the cancellation of Led Zeppelin’s first ever Frankfurt appearance

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Led Zep White Summer

Led Zep White Summer b

Led Zep White Summer detail

Led Zep White Summer lbl

Led Zep White Summer mat

Led Zep White Summer lbl B

Led Zep White Summer mat B

Listen to the full album here: http://ledzeppelinbootlegs.bandcamp.com/album/white-summer

Japan, ca. mid-1976

Side 1: 

Train Kept A Rollin’  [Winterland, San Francisco – 25 April 1969]

Since I’ve Been Loving You  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

White Summer / Black Mountainside  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

Side 2:

Dazed And Confused  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

Communication Breakdown  [Winterland, San Francisco – 25 April 1969]

ABC Song  [Robert Plant & daughter Carmen at Headley Grange Studios, January – February 1974]

This appears to be a combination of the German release Life plus two (filler) tracks from Wizardo’s 1975 CAUTION EXPLOSIVE (# 329):

Led Zeppelin Caution Explosive

The rare German bootleg  (1017 M)- about 200 pressed – was also released in 1975.

Led Zep Life

Above, first version of the cover before the misspelling was discovered?

Led Zeppelin Live Best 1017 300

Led Zep Life lbl

Matrix: M 1013 A/B

Pressing quality is supposed to be mediocre at best. Despite its status as a rare item, there are five copies offered on discogs as I am writing this.

White Summer (<< Black Mountain Side..) [ 10:59 – cut ], [ cut ], Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:05 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused [ 19:37 – cut ].

“Source: Incomplete good 1st audience recording. 39 minutes.
Details: The source is quite distant but still enjoyable. The guitar is the most prominent in the mix with guitar and vocals somewhere in the middle and drums as the most distant and echoey. Since I’ve Been Loving You has some minor speed issues in places and Dazed And Confused is distorted. [argenteumastrum.com]

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: The Final Option (Rock Solid Records & The Swingin’ Pig Records), Germany 1971 (no label), Led Zeppelin Film Can (Rock Solid Records), Life (Best), & White Summer (Acid, Box Top Records, Marc & Rock Solid Records both issues)”


vienna 70

Led Zep Mar 11 70 HH


Düsseldorf set list:

Communication Breakdown
I Can’t Quit You Baby
Dazed and Confused
White Summer / Black Mountainside
Since I’ve Been Loving You
Organ solo / Thank You
Moby Dick
How Many More Times (medley incl. Move On Down the Line, Bottle Up ‘n Go, “Lemon Song”)
Whole Lotta Love


When led Zeppelin’s first German tour was originally scheduled, they were supposed to play in Frankfurt on March 10th before moving on to Hamburg. However the Frankfurt concert was cancelled and instead two nights were played at Hamburg’s Musikhalle (where early in 1971 Pink Floyd would get bootlegged resulting in the famous M-502/Take Linda Surfing/Miracle Muffler bootlegs).

Why was this concert cancelled?

Led Zep DE shows 70

Next stop: Vancouver, BC on the 21st, originating date of the famous Pb bootleg.


Jethro Tull started 1970 with a short Scandinavian tour in mid January before flying off to Los Angeles to film their contribution in 
The Switched-On Symphony, an NBC TV Special directed by Jack Good, featuring Tull, the Nice, Santana, Ray Charles, Jack Benny and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. 

After filming a live-in-the-studio special for the German program Beat Club on the 19th, they were booked to perform their first ever concert appearance in Germany at the 4,000 seat Jahrhunderthalle. Only two further German dates were to follow in April in Nuremberg and Hamburg,

Jethro Tull FRA JHH 70 ticket

The concert promoters had underestimated the enthusiasm and demand for tickets and on concert day, an extra ticket-less 2,000 people showed up.


When it became apparent that the extra non-ticket holders were not going to be admitted, some took matters into their own hands and reportedly 11 of the hall’s large glass panes and four glass doors were shattered in a mini riot, causing 40,000 DM in damages {Pink Floyd’s fee for their 1971 Hamburg Musikhalle performance, to put it into perspective] and five hospital admissions.An audience recording of one of the shows has survived and was eventually pressed on CD as Fairytales From The Pawnshop .

The local citizens were not pleased  to learn about this destruction of public property, to say the least. There was going to be a fall out: No more rowdy destructive rock’n roll at the Jahrhunderthalle (a concert by Leonard Cohen the following May was allowed to go ahead).  An article appeared on February 28th claiming: Broken Glass Shakes Promoter’s Confidence: After The Fiasko At Jahrhunderthalle, Pop Soon At The Festhalle


The original (signed) concert poster showing both concert times.

The first victims were Led Zeppelin, whose scheduled concert at the same venue was nixed. Apparently, a suitable Frankfurt area venue could not be found and so they were the first band to ever play at the giant acoustically-challenged barn that is the Festhalle in July of the same year, when they returned to Germany.

Led Zep FRA July 70 review

Concert review of Led Zeppelin’s 18 July ’70 Frankfurt performance mentioning the circumstances of the March cancellation.

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