The Beatles ‘LIVE in GERMANY’ MARC 75112

Beatles LiveinGermany Marc EP

Beatles LiGermany Marc EP b

Beatles LiGermany lbl

As far as I know, this was the only EP MARC Records ever produced.

With the exception of “Baby’s in Black”, which was probably left off for space reasons, the track list is identical with side 1 of the 1972 Contraband bootleg live in europe & us tv casts (named “Germany 1966” on the title label) (CBM 3571) and side 2 of the 1976 ZAP release MUNICH AT LEAST  (ZAP 7870)

All three bootlegs likely used various generations of  the same off-line source, recorded off a TV speaker on 5 July 1966, the original broadcast date on German TV. Since this material has now been available from the soundboard source for decades already, an A/B comparison would be a superfluous exercise examining various degrees of distortion and hiss, probably.

The vinylegs website has a comment linking this EP with the Welcome The Beatles Marc release, however, this is incorrect and the EP cover art lists the correct date and location.

As I wrote in this previous post that gave some background information, the broadcast included performances from the afternoon and the evening show.

Listen to the crude edit between “She’s a Woman” & “Baby’s in Black” – why did they leave this short bit?


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