Michigan native Suzan Kay “Suzi” Quatro joined her sister’s band The Pleasure Seekers in 1964, formed after watching the Beatles on TV. She owes her rock star compatible name to her Italian grandfather and the immigration officers, who shortened it from “Quattrocchi”. She moved to England in 1971, where producer Mickie Most was looking for another female rock artist to follow the recently departed Janis Joplin. Her second single in May of 1973, the Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn composition “Can The Can” became a big hit in Europe, Australia and Japan.

Quatro’s legacy and lasting impact on later female rockers, such as Chrissie Hynde, The Runaways & especially Joan Jett and Talking Head’s Tina Weymouth is undisputed, far transcending the “fairground smash” character of her greatest hits. To this day, when I see a woman in leather, I think “Suzi Qatro”.

Suzi spent spring and summer of 1975 touring the US, opening for Alice Cooper on his Welcome To My Nightmare tour and embarked on her first Japan tour in October.

Quatro S Japan Tour 75

Her last date in Tokyo was recorded and pressed as Marc Record’s first release in 1976.

Quatro CAfSuzi! 3

Quatro CAfSuzi! detail

Quatro CAfSuzi! b detail

Quatro CAfSuzi! lbl detail

Vicki Vinyl copied Marc’s title in 1977 with a “sexed up” cover and title, that in retrospect has to be one of the best ever (see below) and pressed its first issue on red, blue and yellow PVC. This would remain the only the only Suzi Quatro vinyl bootleg.

Quatro NUL yel
Quatro S Naked Under Leather blue
Quatro S NUL b

Quatro S NUL red
Quatro S Naked Under Leather bl


The bootleg’s title was later chosen by former Runaway’s member Victory Tischler-Blue for her 2005 documentary:

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