Led Zeppelin LIVE Osaka IILed Zeppelin LIVE Osaka bside.oneLZ live lbl 1side.twoLZ live lbl 2

Japan: 1975. Listed as an OG release by the Japanese collector I had quoted under the LZ OG double album and I do agree with this, despite no OG – or any other number – being used on the label or cover.

The majority of this release comes from the second Osaka concert on Monday, the 9th of October 1972

Source # 1: Recording Includes: [ supposed to be not recorded: Band Announcements ] Rock And Roll [ 3:38 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:13 ] >> Black Dog [ 5:01 ], Over The Hills And Far Away [ 5:49 ], Misty Mountain Hop [ 4:35 ] >> Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:23 ], Dancing Days [ 3:26 ], The Song Remains The Same [ 5:15 ] >> The Rain Song [ 7:24 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused (<< Down By The River, The Crunge..) [ 26:57 ], Stairway To Heaven [ 9:23 ], Moby Dick [ 15:43 ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love (<< Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Something’s Got A Hold On Me, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Leave My Woman Alone, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Heartbreak Hotel, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, Going Down Slow, The Shape I’m In..) [ 28:57 – cut ], [ cut ], Stand By Me [ 6:14 ], Immigrant Song [ 3:36 ].
Source: Incomplete very good 1st audience recording. 143 minutes.
Details: Clear recording. Page’s guitar is fairly prominent in this source but it doesn’t overwhelm the other instruments. There is some hiss though. [all detailed comments taken from argenteumastrum.com]

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: Dedicated To John Henry Bonham (no label), LIVE (no label), & My Brain Hurts (Idle Mind Productions, Jester Productions & LXXXIV Series)

“Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” was taken from the first Osaka concert on the 4th, I suspect the following might apply here: “1st source, taped by Yoshiaki Sumitomo (speed issues in few places – he also recorded Osaka October 4th, 1972 1st source)”


This release was copied by Vicky Vinyl ca. ’76/’77 as MY BRAIN HURTS (with a wrong month in the sub-title):

Led Zep My Brain Hurts red

More information and images can be found here.


Led Zep Crunge pic sleeve

1973 Japan 45

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