Led Zep Live@Budokan NOG 72Led Zep Live@Budokan NOG 72 lbl

Japan, discogs has this listed as 1976 but I have a feeling this was made later, maybe as late as 1979.

I am not claiming that this was produced by the same people that produced the original OG releases, as this seems to have been made several years after OG decided to call it quits in 1975, this may just be a homage.


NEW OG 1149-50 A-B
Recording: Very good stereo audience. Comments: Same material as LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN (Remember N5518) but in a different order plus “The Rain Song”. Comes with an article about the concert from a Japanese magazine.

Led Zep Live@Budokan 72 ins
Matrix: (Side A machine stamped): OG 1149 A 〄 a 19223 (A) 1H
            (Side B machine stamped): OG 1149 B 〄 a 19224 (B) 1H
            (Side C machine stamped): OG 1150 A 〄 a 19225 (A) 1H
            (Side D machine stamped): OG 1150 B 〄 a 19226 (B) 2J


Monday, 2nd of October 1972 – Tokyo Budokan

Source # 1: “Band Announcements, Rock And Roll [ 3:37 ], Over The Hills And Far Away [ 5:22 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:12 ] >> Black Dog [ 4:41 ], [ cut ], Misty Mountain Hop [ 4:32 ] >> Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:07 ], Dancing Days [ 3:20 ], Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp [ 4:23 ], The Song Remains The Same [ 5:14 ] >> The Rain Song [ 7:11 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused (<< The Crunge..) [ 20:55 ], [ cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 8:59 ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love (<< Just A Little Bit, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Boogie Chillun, My Baby Left Me, Killing Floor, I Can’t Quit You Baby..) [ 21:17 ], [ cut ], Heartbreaker (<< Bouree..) [ 6:00 ], [ cut ], Immigrant Song [ 3:46 ] >> Communication Breakdown [ 4:17 ], [ cut ], Band Announcements [ cut ].
Source: Almost complete very good to excellent 1st audience recording. 126 minutes.
Details: The tape contains rather little hiss and is recorded very close to the stage with all the instruments well balanced and with genuine clarity. The only drawback of this source is the bass line, which sounds a bit mushed.”

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: The Final Option (Rock Solid Records & The Swingin’ Pig Records), Live At The Budokan (Remember), Live At Budokan 72 (New OG), Live In Tokyo 10/2/72 (Amazing Stork & Toasted Records), & Live In Tokyo Oct. 2-3 1972 Budokan Big Hall (LLX 1233-4-5-6)


Remember version (Japan):

Led Zep Budokan RemLed Zep Budokan Rem bLed Zep Budokan Rem lbl

Also exists with red labels.


LLX version (Japan – supposedly, every copy had its own unique cover):

Led Zep Live in Tokyo LLXLed Zep Live in Tokyo LLX b


 Toasted Records & Amazing Stork versions:

Led Zep Tokyo white backLed Zep Tokyo

Led Zep Tokyo Amaz StLed Zep Tokyo Amaz St b


The Final Option (mother of all bootleg 70 LP) box:

Led Zep TFO



And this was our visit of Japan’s first identifiable bootleg label. Hats off to the Japanese pioneers. Next up is Marc Records.

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