Another very early Japan Bootleg: Deep Purple ‘Live In Concert’ copy of European Kustom Records release ‘H-BOMB’

Deep Purple Live In Concert II

Deep Purple Live In Concert

Likely the first Japanese Deep Purple bootleg and one of the first Japanese bootlegs made.

From the auction texts:


“Without doubt, rarest Deep Purple live LP from Japan. Released in early ”70s

 in very limited edition, this is first Deep Purple private pressing live LP from Japan (older than Back To Rock OG press)…Plain white cover, small title/song listing sticker on front. Black fake “Kustom Rekords” label. Matrix number: machine typing ASC001.

Ultra rare vintage Japanese original pressing live LP. Released in early ’70s in micro quantity (100 or less) , very obscure LP even in here.  

Plain white cover + small title sticker paste on. Black/silver printed KUSTOM REKORDS/H BOMB on label.

Machine typing ASC-001 matrix on dead wax.
Sold over $200 in the past, […].”



About the original – the very first release on the Kustom Records label:
– DEEP PURPLE H-BOMB – # ASC-001; matrix numbers on vinyl: side1: 2001-A/B

“This is the original LP pressing from 1970-1971. It has a picture sleeve which has a plain white back. It comes with its original plain paper inner sleeve. The record is pressed on thick vinyl & has grooved labels.”

“The second pressing [of the European bootleg Space Vol. 1/2] was called “H-Bomb”, which a more professionally produced single album which lacked “Mandrake Root” and also had slight edits to the other songs. “

Side 1: Black Night / Paint it Black

Side 2: Wring That Neck (edited)

Source: Live in Aachen, 11 July 1970, soundboard


deep-purple h-bombdeep-purple h-bomb b

DeepPurple H Bomb KDeep Purple HB stamp Kust

More info on the different Aachen vinyl releases can be found here.

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