Bad Company ‘LIVE 1975 MARCH’ :OG-859

Bad Co OG

Japan: 1975

Source: Audience recording from the Budokan on 3 March, 1975

Set list:


Deal With The Preacher

Rock Steady

Little Miss Fortune

Ready For Love

Whiskey Bottle

Feel Like Makin’ Love

Shooting Star

Seagull / Intermission

Bad Company

Easy On My Soul

Movin’ On

Can’t Get Enough

The Stealer

Good Lovin’ Gone Bad



Bad Company live in Japan RS

Also available in the US with a slightly different track order on side 1 on TAKRL # 1967




bad co 75 flyerBad Co tickets J 75

  1. Aussie 0zborn said:

    These OG records get more interesting every day. This one and the Eric Clapton record look like PolyGram pressings. The raised circle from the edge of the label that runs about 4mm into the label is a PolyGram design. Was there a PolyGram pressing plant in Japan? Can someone check their PolyGram Japan pressings to see if they have this circle under the outer diameter of the label

    • Very interesting. I wonder if PolyGram contracted their pressings out? Were there independent plants in Japan?

  2. Aussie 0zborn said:

    I’m suggesting that this was made by a PolyGram-owned plant. If I’m right, other Japanese PolyGram pressings will have this same outer circle under the label. There were indeed independent plants in Japan – Toyo Kasei is the only one still in operation today.

  3. Yesdays said:

    Hhhmmm, a Polygram affiliate? What we know about the American producers of the 1970’s was they used small, “Mom & Pop” pressing operations, ….they needed the money and didn’t ask questions. Interesting.

    • Aussie 0zborn said:

      True but unlicensed and unauthorized records were routinely produced by major plants. One example was the PolyGram owned GPI plant in Greece. You order 10,000 pressings of XYZ and they invoice you for 10,000 pressings. But, on the night shift your man at the plant changes the stampers and labels and presses only 5,000 copies of XYZ and 5,000 copies of a bootleg LP. The bootlegs are ahipped and invoices in a legitimate order, unknown to the management of the plant.

  4. Yesdays said:

    Japanese bootleg records from 1975, the night shift in Greece, what does “OG” stand for?, the eye witness who visited the manufacturer’s home, ….I’m afraid we may never know. As Churchill said about the Russians, “….a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” …and as Robert Godwin said ….”thank God somebody had a tape recorder.”

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