Yes LiveinEu

Yes LiveinEu lbl

Japan: 1974

“Originally issued in plain white sleeve like all early OG releases ( The Beatles In Tokyo etc). Great sound quality and performance from their ’72 UK show, now impossible to find even in here.”
Side 1: Opening (excerpt from Firebird) / Siberian Khatru / Mood For A Day / The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Side 2: Roundabout / Yours Is No disgrace


Even a ‘specialized-in-Yes’ website such as Forgotten Yesterdays has never heard of this bootleg. I have researched and none of the classic early 1970’s bootlegs match this setlist, which shows that this was definitely recorded in 1972.

  1. Yesdays said:

    I wonder if the recording came from the film Yessongs and the December 1972 show at the London Rainbow.

  2. Yesdays said:

    Interesting. The Yessongs film was released in October 1975, which probably post dates the release of this OG title. The inclusion of the Wakeman solo incorporating Six Wives excerpts is very revealing. I believe this only occurred during the Fall and Winter 1972 shows, and possibly into the Spring 1973 shows. By the Fall 1973, live Yes performances were dominated by the lengthy Tales From Topographic Oceans material, and I believe solo spots were not included in the shows. And, of course, by the Spring 1974 Mr. Wakeman was no longer in the Yes band.

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