ELP 21st S R. 4ELP 21st S R

ELP 21st S R. 3

This may be the easiest to find OG release of them all.

“Total duration: 34:28  A very fragmented album of an average audience recording.”
“Track 1 – 4 is from an unknown show, most likely between April and June 1971.
One can hear Keith Emerson talking about ‘a new album’ (TARKUS) which will be released – he says – in August; ‘maybe earlier’. The last track – Lucky Man – is from the Korakuen Stadium / Japan – show in July 1972.


Side 1: The Barbarian (6:03) / Rondo (14:51) [track is cut in the middle of the drum-solo.]                             Side 2: Take a Pebble (4:33) [cut just before the Greg Lake-part is about to begin] / Knife Edge (5:27) [cut just before the last verse] / Lucky Man (3:34) [Tokyo 22 July ’72 “much better sound-quality”]

I am not sure if there are two different versions of OG-630 – with & without two tracks by Free added to end of side 2 – or if auction sellers are just quoting the insert without actually having listened to the record to verify.


“Some copies of this album included two bonus tracks with Free, who supported ELP on the 1972 Japan-tour.”

Track list for the second pressing: 

Side 1: Take A Pebble (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)/ Knife Edge (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)/ All Right Now (Free)/ Fire And Water (Free)
Side 2: Barbarian (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)/ Gong (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)


It’s unclear where exactly the two Free tracks come from. Both tracks can be found on this rare Japanese bootleg, recorded during their first Japan tour in April/May 1971:

Free Live Japan



ELP Osaka ticket

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