Beatles ‘DAWN OF OUR INNOCENCE’ :OG-596 + BE-1001

There are two different pressings:

A. OG-596 machine stamped matrix and complete insert, the original:

Beatles DooIAnd the naked ladies only have one thing on their mind… “Beatles!”

Beatles Dooi record

B. BE-1001 matrix and with the insert cut off at the top.

Beatles Dawn of our Innocence 4

I suspect this is a second pressing (or copy by someone else?). This distinction was so far unknown outside of Japan, as evidenced by some of the prices the BE-1001 copies were able to achieve in past auctions.

The copy shown below achieved $277 at auction in 2012.

Beatles Dawn of our Innocence 2

Source: Side 1: Eight tracks from Shea Stadium ’65 and on side 2, their final ‘in person’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan show taped on 14 August 1965, the day before the Ed Sullivan show.

The soundtrack of the Shea TV special had first been released in the US on the East Coast as LAST LIVE SHOW (101-A/B) in late 1970, before being copied by WCF and TMOQ. LAST LIVE SHOW would also be copied in Japan later on.

While the ’65 Ed Sullivan Show premiered on CBM’s PIECE OF MIND in late spring of 1973, OG may have had their own and better sources for this material but that’s hard to say without an A/B comparison.

So far I have only found both versions with blank white labels.

Japan: 1973/4


I used to own this book, which came out in 1985 and wish I had not sold it later, it might have come in handy now. The book is infinitely more useful though if you can read Japanese.

Beatles' Bootlegs

Since we have looked at OG’s collage covers, here is one that Capitol Records commissioned in the mid-1970s:

Apple Collage

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