The Beatles in SOME LIKE IT HOT! – featuring “two gurus in drag” (ADO) OG 595 / 813 + fake Idle Mind

Why is this bootleg called SOME LIKE IT HOT! ? Is it a nod to Billy Wilder’s film classic? After all, this is also a movie soundtrack that’s presented here.

We’ve known this title for many decades, since it made it into HOT WACKS, misidentified as a MARC Records release. I would guess this was because they were looking at the white label version of OG-595.

Source: A (bootleg) video of the Let It Be movie soundtrack, I would assume.

Year: 1973

Side 1:  Prologue/ Don’t Let Me Down/ Maxwell’s Silver Hammer/ Two Of Us/ Oh Darling/ Whole Lotta Shakin’/ Across The Universe/ I Dig A Pony/ Suzy Parker/ I Me Mine/ For You Blue

Side 2:  Besame Mucho/ Octopus’ Garden/ The Long And Winding Road/ Shake Rattle & Roll/ Miss Anne/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Dig It/ Message From Paul/ Let It Be/ Long And The Winding Road




Text from a Japanese Beatles bootlegs encyclopedia:

1st pressing: Color slick cover. Red label with silver print (as shown for 813 below).

Beatles SLIH 595 color

Has anyone ever seen it with the color image? It must be very rare.


2nd pressing: B&W jacket b / w,  label the same as the 1st. [Is this 813?]

Beatles SLIH 813

Beatles SLIH 813 cover
3rd pressing: Cover is identical to the 2nd. Blank white label.

Beatles SLIH 595

Beatles SLIH 595 b



Fake Idle Mind label version, ca. 1977:

Beatles SLIH fIMBeatles Some Like It Hot IM

Matrix # OC 595-A/B (hand written – as opposed to the machine stamped OG matrix numbers)



Beatles SLIHot alt photo 2

Beatles SLIHot alt photo 3

Beatles MH

1968: The Beatles contemplating to form a folk/psych/hardcore/avantgarde super group with Mary Hopkin and Yoko. Their new album – suggestions for the cover are being reviewed in these photographs – carries the working title Hot As Sun.



I’m just kidding, of course.

  1. fxngf117 said:

    I have watched the real thing for color slick of “SOME LIKE IT HOT!” in the meeting place of the gathering of Beatles fan club held in Tokyo in 1981.
    An owner of the versions of the color slick is the author of “BEATLES’ BOOTLEGS (The Japanese Beatles bootlegs encyclopedia)”.
    “SOME LIKE IT HOT!” of the album title was made with instant lettering, and a part of the letter of “L” came loose and fell for aged deterioration.
    The version of the color slick is only this one piece.  This color slick becomes a master, and it is supposed that other monochromatic slick was printed.
    I’m sorry, for machine translation, it may not be correct English.

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