Rolling Stones Live Hidepark xlRolling Stones Live Hidepark b1

That is not tiny Japanese writing bottom left – I magnified it to check.

Rolling Stones Live Hidepark lbl 1Rolling Stones Live Hidepark lbl 2

MATRIX: (machine stamped): OG 504 A J // OG 504 B J

Source: Soundtrack of the Granada TV broadcast of the Stone’s Hyde park free concert 5 July 1969

Side 1. Midnight Rambler [04:36]  / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:22] / I’m Free [02:46] / Eulogy For Brian (Adonais) [03:00] / I’m Yours And I’m Hers [02:44] / Jumping Jack Flash [03:34]
Side 2. Honky Tonk Women [03:26] / Love In Vain [04:56] / Sympathy For The Devil [10:36] 


The track list matches what was later officially released on VHS but this release is from the early 1970’s (1972/3); my best guess is that this came from a dub of a video of one of the TV broadcasts. Contraband released their audience tape in mid-1973 as # 3689, so OG might have been faster and released a much superior sounding version.

Rolling Stones Hyde Park July 1969

OG 504 is/was not that rare, surprisingly, and to support that, this is the only OG bootleg I have actually held in my hands when I was in Tokyo last year. While it sold in 2005 for an impressive $250, time has not been kind to what has to be considered the first OG release, due to how easy it became to obtain the source material on CD (and later on DVD). 


Lots to read here:

The complete concert is easily available on YouTube.


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  1. John said:

    this title was recently sold for only 52 usd….

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