Beatles OG 506 lbl

Available in the US since 1970 (when TMOQ copied the original East Coast release for the first time and brought it to the masses). It would later get copied again in Japan twice as part of the JL-xxx series as JL-521 and 1003.

A rare one, I doubt it ever came up for auction in the West. It seems that OG abandoned their idea of a printed cover, as it had used for their very first release # 504 and simply went with all white covers from here on.

“Blank white jacket. Label in black and silver with title and record number (OG-506).”


  1. John said:

    Amazing chapter on this great WordPress-site. Hoped for a description for all of the OG records in the master list….and they are…Thanks for this/that.

  2. Yesdays said:

    This blog is an incredible documentation of history and research on its topic subject, and I don’t believe there is any other existing resource that comes close to matching it in its depth and scope of information. It should be preserved somehow for posterity.

    • Wow, yesdays, I feel like doing that “I am not worthy” bow…

      We will see what the future brings. This is a bit like a 2nd job though on top of the 50+ hrs/week I’m doing in my other one.

      • Yesdays said:

        Altogether, the blog is a remarkable and amazing compilation of information. I’ve read the Hot Wacks books, supplements and magazines. We all know the books have numerous errors and omissions. I’ve also read dedicated resources, which actually seem to be rather accurate, because they are focused. Such as the Hoffman Black Book on The Stones, Bob’s Boots on the web, and Mr Kite’s Beatles book. However, I’ve never seen a resource quite like this blog. I’ve followed it since its early days, and have always enjoyed it. You’ve certainly put more than enough work into this. Aside from my selfish reasons for wanting to have the information available at my disposal, you deserve some kind of significant credit, equivalent to something like a book author. Take care, and don’t over-work yourself.

        • John said:

          Yessdays words do the right honour…( but please…Do overwork yourself….as your site is the first one everyday i’ll look at! 🙂 😉 !! )

  3. John said:

    best job ever….50+ hrs /week working on all of this…just for pleasure!! 🙂

    • I do have to say, after finishing a blog post, I do look forward to the next.

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